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Voted: Batman

Batman wins. His expert ability to dodge them means it would only be a matter of time before he got close enough to deliver a knockout blow rendering Doc Oc unconscious and out of the fight.
Voted: Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom wins, somehow trick him into defeating himself or by simply blasting him to kingdom come with his energy blasts. Bats could probably take him if he knew who he was before meeting Doom, but if the two fought on a whim, Bats loses the upper hand.
Voted: Batman

Batman wins because he uses his virtual reality bullet at her.
Voted: Batman

Batman can use his Predator Exoskeleton suit.
Voted: Batman

He can just use a vibrating bullet.
Voted: Batman Batman has also gadgets that can beat Amazo.
Voted: Doomsday

Doomsday is immune to his Omega Beams.
Voted: Beyonder

Beyonder can just send him to the Beyonder world.
Voted: Batman

Batman wins because he can use his Hell Bat suit, Psychic Dampeners, Fire Gun, Justice Buster, but without those Martian Manhunter kills him.
Voted: Dr Manhattan

Doctor Manhattan wins because he can just erase him from existence.