Black Alice

Black Alice

Lori Zechlin


A teenage girl with an interest in magick, Lori lost her mother to a drug overdose. She then discovered that she has immense magical power, being able to borrow abilities from other magic users – she has demonstrated abilities associated with Doctor Fate, Zatanna and the Marvel Family. Over the following two months, she tracked down and killed half a dozen drug dealers, hoping that one of them m... read more

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Ability ShiftAbsorptionAcausalityAccelerated HealingAfterimage CreationAgilityAnimal AttributesAnimal ControlAnimal Oriented PowersAnimated ShadowAnimationAnti-GravityApotheosisAstral ProjectionAstral TrapAstral TravelAudio ControlBanishChaos MagicClairvoyanceCloakingCold ResistanceConceptual ManipulationCryokinesisDanger SenseDarkforce ManipulationDensity ControlDimensional AwarenessDimensional TravelDream ManipulationDream ManipulationElectrokinesisElement ControlEmpathyEnduranceEnergy AbsorptionEnergy BeamsEnergy BlastsEnergy ConstructsEnergy ManipulationEnhanced HearingEnhanced MemoryEnhanced SensesEnhanced SightEnhanced SmellExplosion ManipulationFear ManipulationFire ControlFire ResistanceFlightGravity ControlHeat ResistanceHypnokinesisIlluminationIllusionsImmortalityInstinctive ReactionIntangibilityIntuitive aptitudeInvisibilityInvulnerabilityJumpLantern Power RingLevitationLight ControlLongevityMagicMarksmanshipMatter AbsorptionMatter ManipulationMind BlastMind ControlMind Control ResistanceMolecular CombustionMolecular DissipationMolecular ManipulationNecromancyNecromancyNigh-OmnipotentNigh-OmniscientOmnilingualismOmnipotentOmniscientOrbingPain ManipulationPhasingPlant ControlPortal CreationPossessionPower AbsorptionPower MimicryPower NullifierPrecognitionProbability ManipulationProjectionPsionic PowersReactive Power LevelReality WarpingReflexesRegenerationResurrectionSeismic PowerShapeshiftingSize ChangingSleep ManipulationSmoke ManipulationSonic ScreamSoul ManipulationSpatial AwarenessStealthSummoningSuper SpeedSuper StrengthTelekinesisTelepathyTelepathy ResistanceTeleportationTerrakinesisTime ManipulationTime TravelTimeframe ControlToxin and Disease ResistanceUnderwater breathingVaporising BeamsVision - HeatVision - InfraredVision - MicroscopicVision - NightVision - TelescopicVision - ThermalVision - X-RayVitakinesisWater ControlWeapon-based PowersWeapons MasterWeather ControlWind ControlWishing


Full name Lori Zechlin
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Place of birth Dayton, Ohio
First appearance Birds of Prey #76 (January 2005)
Creator DC Comics
Alignment Good


Occupation Student, Superhero, Sorceror
Base Dayton, Ohio
Teams No teams added.
Relatives Unnamed mother (deceased), Unnamed father


Type / Race Demi-God
Height 5'5 • 165 cm
Weight -
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black


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