Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger

Ethan Pepa

Bengal Tiger's History

As a baby, his parents were murdered by a clan of nomadic ninjas, he grew up on the streets till the age of 8, when Master Makaiju, found him, and brought him in, to train with him and be a fraternal figure for young Ethan, Ethan grew up to want to be the best no matter what, by the age of fourteen he was already the best student in the dojo.

That was of course before Daniel came and was a very clear rival to Ethan, however, Ethan still believed himself to be the best, when Morganeth attacked the dojo, Morganeth killed Master Makaiju and forced Ethan to snap, unleashing everything on Morganeth, of course, that didn't do any good, Morganeth beat Ethan up and brutally threw him off the mountain, Daniel consumed the ultimate elixir at the time and had his physical attributes multiplied by a three fold, where he did... Not too much better than Ethan, he was also thrown off the mountain, that Elixir was the only reason he survived.

Ethan was taken in by the same nomadic ninja tribe that killed his family, they further trained his abilities, and gave him a new name, Kohitsuji, until Ethan found out who exactly they were, he snapped, killing the whole Dojo, what he didn't realise is, he had a small strand of the Evolutionary Gene, which meant he had a very low level of Superhuman Strength, Speed and Intelligence, as well as adaptability to climates and many more small unique abilities, including the ability to retract claws.

Ethan travelled as a vigilante for a long while before he decided to go after Exodus, and give payback to Morganeth, he worked as a test subject for Doctor Regal, who used the altered and twisted scientific experimentation, that Lionman partially used to create himself on Ethan and many more of the test subjects, because of Ethan's gene, he still was himself and not fully consumed, he worked as Regal's left hand, until Lionman as forced to battle Regal, who used a refined version of the formula, actually ten times over, Lionman and Bengal Tiger managed to defeat the new version of Regal, Omnimal, but Bengal went back into hiding.

A few weeks past of Lionman tracking him down, eventually, Lionman offered Bengal a spot in the Omega Force Beta, of which he accepted.