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Beast Boy

Beast Boy

Garfield Logan

Titans (2018- TV Series)

Beast Boy's powers and abilities

Meta-human Physiology

As a result of his sickness from the congo and Dr. Caulder's experimental medicine, Gar Logan's biology was altered, turning his hair green and granting him the ability to transform into a tiger.


Gar is able to shapeshift into the form of a tiger, albeit colored green. It is hypothesized by Dr. Caulder that this is done by unzipping his DNA and rearranging it, while the form of a tiger is psychological due to his love for them.



Intelligence130 IQ
Strength1,000 kg • 2,205 lb
Speed36 m/s

Super Powers

StaminaAccelerated HealingAgilityAnimal AttributesAnimal Oriented PowersBerserk ModeStealth