Hero Wars Verse

Aurora's History

There's no safer and more prosperous place in the world than Riversar! Washed by the waters of the Sacred River the land of the elves is truly marvelous! But there are persons who try to escape the calmness, avoid the peaceful rhythm of life. And that's the story of the warrior named Aurora.

The dreams of military service weren't understood in her native lands, which were spared from the wars. And why does a beautiful elven girl coming from a happy family need battles, when you can study architecture and music! But Aurora's desire was so great that she ran from home enlisting in the Kharun's army.

Exhausting training, fresh scars from regular battles, sleepless nights on patrol and taunts from fellow men-warriors �?? Aurora put up with all of it for the sake of her goal. Once in a while, when it was really difficult, the girl silently prayed to her patroness Temari.

One morning alarming news came from Riversar: treacherous elves who chose the side of darkness opened the gates for the Lord of Chaos. With no delay Aurora went home. She was winning a battle after battle with the servants of Chaos. Like a whirl she struck enemies freeing villages and their people. The villains were shocked with what a single warrior is capable of. But when Aurora had no more power left she missed a poisoned blade and fell unconscious.

The girl woke up in captivity, in the lair of her enemy. Notorious monsters and executioners tortured her day and night, trying to make her acknowledge the new master. All the Chaos commanders came looking at the humiliation of the light elf who had struck horror in villains. But even when her wounded body turned into an ugly blood clot she wasn't going to give in.

Suddenly, the room filled with an unbearably bright light blowing up the torture room with everyone inside. When the light went out only Aurora was lying on the floor. And, lo and behold, completely transformed, beautiful and fresh, she looked even better than before! Aurora's hands and face were shining with a rainbow glow. Opening her eyes the girl realized that it was not in vain, and Temari helped eliminating the evil settled in Riversar. The gift received from the goddess made a Paladin out of Aurora, allowing the fearless warrior to serve for the good of her people.