Atom II

Atom II

Ray Palmer


Atom II's powers and abilities

Atom's equipment grands him the following powers:

Size Alteration

Able to shrink his body to varying degrees (including the subatomic level), achieved by storing most of his mass in a pocket dimension. As the Atom, Ray can assume any size from his normal six-foot stature down to sub-microscopic, although he generally deems a height of six inches as most functional.

Mass Alteration

Able to instantly alter his molecular density to whatever degree he desires. Ray can also assume any weight at any height up to his full 180 pounds.


He is able to glide on air currents and stiff breezes. A favorite travel method Ray had, was to call some location on the telephone; when the intended phone answered, he could shrink down enough to literally travel through the phone lines in seconds to emerge out of the answering phone.

Superhuman Strength

By shifting all his mass into his fists he can punch with incredible force.

Ray Palmer often finds himself in situation where physical violence become necessary. As such, he has developed a proficiency in the martial arts form known as Judo.


Dr. Palmer has a Ph.D. in physics and was a full professor at Ivy University.


The Atom used a long sword as a weapon while living among the Katarthans, gaining considerable skill in its use.

Strength Level

100 kg • 220 lb

Super Powers

Density ControlFlightGlidingSize ChangingSuper Strength