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Gurač Se


Originally just a Thought by the writer in the middle of his sleep when he was lying down thinking about what next to write in the storyAs he thought about the story, a memory sparked in his head, a thought of something that wouldn't make sense in the long run, but from his point of view, all he saw was him without everything that's good or kind about himHe sees a being of pure death, hatr... read more

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Creator EmptyHand
Full name Gurač Olovaka Gnušati Se
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Aliases Writers hatred Demon of the writers mind Author Abominate
Place of birth The minds of writers/Diserius Azathoth
First appearance
Alignment Bad


Occupation Destroy all within the real. of Diserius Azathoth
Base Unkown
Teams No teams added.
Relatives The writer (divine pixel book)


Gender Male
Type / Race Cosmic Entity
Height -
Weight 4,535,920.0 tons • 9,999,999,999lb
Eye color Red
Hair color
Skin color Red / Black


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