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DC Television Universe

Publisher DC Comics
Aliases CW, CWverse
Info The television franchise created by the CW that is based on characters that appear in publications by DC Comics.

Connections to Arrowverse

A.M.A.Z.O. (CW)
A.M.A.Z.O. (CW)
Abra Kadabra (CW)
Abra Kadabra (CW)
Accelerated Man (CW)
Accelerated Man (CW)
Agent Liberty (CW) Ben Lockwood
Agent Liberty (CW)
Alex Danvers (CW) Alex Danvers
Alex Danvers (CW)
Alice (CW) Beth Kane
Amunet Black (CW) Leslie Jocoy
Amunet Black (CW)
Anarky (CW) Lonnie Machin
Anti-Monitor (CW) Mobius
Anti-Monitor (CW)
Arrow (CW) Oliver Queen
Arrow (CW)
Arsenal (CW) Roy Harper
Arsenal (CW)
Artemis (CW) Evelyn Sharp
Artemis (CW)
Atom (CW) Ray Palmer
Atom (CW)
Atom Smasher (CW) Al Rothstein
Atom Smasher (CW)
Batwoman (CW) Katherine Kane
Batwoman (CW)
Black Canary (CW) Laurel Lance
Black Canary (CW)
Black Canary II (CW) Dinah Drake
Black Canary II (CW)
Black Flash (CW) Hunter Zolomon
Black Flash (CW)
Black Lightning (CW) Jefferson Pierce
Black Lightning (CW)
Black Siren (CW) Laurel Lance (Earth Two)
Black Siren (CW)
Blackstar (CW) Mia Smoak
Bloodwork (CW) Ramsey Rosso
Brainiac 5 (CW) Querl Dox
Brainiac 5 (CW)
Brick (CW) Danny Brickwell
Bronze Tiger (CW) Benjamin Turner
Bronze Tiger (CW) Ben Turner
Bronze Tiger (CW)
Captain Boomerang (CW) Digger Harkness
Captain Boomerang (CW)
Captain Cold (CW) Leonard Snart
Captain Cold (CW)
China White (CW) Chien Na Wei
Chloe Sullivan (Smallville) Chloe Sullivan
Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)
Cicada (CW) Orlin Dwyer
Cicada (CW)
Citizen Steel (CW) Nate Heywood
Citizen Steel (CW)
Commander Steel (CW) Henry Heywood
Constantine (CW) John Constantine
Constantine (CW)
Cupid (CW) Carrie Cutter
Cyborg Superman (CW) Hank Henshaw
Cyborg Superman (CW)
Damien Darhk (CW) Damien Darhk
Damien Darhk (CW)
Dark Archer (CW) Malcolm Merlyn
Dark Archer (CW)
Deadshot (CW) Floyd Lawton
Deadshot (CW)
Deathstroke (CW) Slade Wilson
Deathstroke (CW)
Deathstroke II (CW) Grant Wilson
Deathstroke II (CW)
Dragon (CW) Ricardo Diaz
Dragon (CW)
Dreamer (CW) Nia Nal
Dreamer (CW)
Elongated Man (CW) Ralph Dibny
Elongated Man (CW)
Emiko Queen (CW) Emiko Adachi
Firestorm (CW) Ronald Raymond
Firestorm (CW)
Firestorm II (CW) Jefferson Jackson
Firestorm II (CW)
Flash (CW) Barry Allen
Flash (CW)
Girder (CW) Tony Woodword
Godspeed (cw) August Hart
Golden Glider (CW) Lisa Snart
Golden Glider (CW)
Gorilla Grodd (CW) Grodd
Gorilla Grodd (CW)
Green Arrow (CW) Oliver Queen
Green Arrow (CW)
Green Arrow (CW) Mia Smoak
Gridlock (CW) Abner Girdler
Gypsy (CW) Cynthia
Gypsy (CW)
Harbinger (CW) Lyla Michaels
Harrison Wells (CW) Harrison Wells
Harrison Wells (CW)
Hawkgirl (CW) Kendra Saunders
Hawkgirl (CW)
Hawkman (CW) Carter Hall
Hawkman (CW)
Heat Wave (CW) Mick Rory
Heat Wave (CW)
Hourman (CW) Rick Tyler
Human Target (CW) Christopher Chance
Huntress (CW) Helena Bertinelli
Huntress (CW)
Hush (CW) Thomas Elliot
Icicle (CW) Thomas Snow
Iris West (CW) Iris West-Allen
Iris West (CW) Iris West-Allen
Jesse Quick (CW) Jesse Wells
Jesse Quick (CW)
Joe Wilson (CW) Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson (CW)
Jonah Hex (CW) Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex (CW)
Jonathan Kent (CW) Jonathan Kent