Prime Marvel Universe

Ariel's History

Ariel is an alien from the planet housing the Coconut Grove, and whose culture resembles an ultra-stereotypical night club scene. Since Ariel's people evolved to a stagnation point, they sent Ariel to Earth to collect examples of mutants that the Coconut Grove's people could then study. Ariel succeeded in forming the Fallen Angels and presented them to her people, only to learn that Ariel herself was a mutant and captured as well. Ariel helped her friends escape, but now remains an outcast from her people.

During Utopia, Ariel is aiding in the X-men in defending the mutant population, defending their people from the Dark Avengers/H.A.M.M.E.R. agents. When Trance had been tasered and was left lying helpless in an alleyway. Gambit had saved her, and moments later a doorway behind him began to glow. Ariel appeared accompanied by Onyx. Since he didn't recognise her, Gambit questioned Ariel whether she was an X-Men. Ariel answered that her membership was in her genetics.

However, when Ariel & Onyx returned through the teleportational doorway Trance had disappeared. This confused Ariel, who didn't want to be blamed for the accidental loss of Trance. Ariel also displayed a disregard (or ignorance) towards the Stepford Cuckoo Mindee who she called Candy.

Even though she's an alien, Ariel had accepted her mutant genetics and continued to use her mutant ability to sweet talk others. It was with her gift that allowed her membership (even if it is only temporary) into the X-Men.

While living on Utopia, Ariel was willing to assist in the X-Club's scientific experiments to bend space & break through dimensional walls. It transpired that it was Trance's powers that interfered with Ariel's spacial-bending, and Ariel therefore acted as a disinterested guinea pig when the X-Men were desperately looking for a means to enter Emplate's dimension & save Bling! The X-Club warped Ariel's space-bending, causing her to open a door that opened behind her. When faced with her own rear, Ariel appeared more interested in the appearance of her jacket than in aiding the X-Men

During the Second Coming, Cable, Hope and the X-Men's Alpha team fight against the Purifiers, and Illyana Rasputin is magically sent to Limbo. After The Purifiers are taken down by the team, Cyclops sends Ariel to the Alpha team as their new prime teleporter.

Ariel was a part of Cyclops' Alpha Team X-Men, and helped teleport them around. While traveling by car later with Wolverine and X-23, a missile was launched from a helicopter nearby destroying the car. Wolverine and X-23 survived, but Ariel perished according to Emma Frost and Wolverine.