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X-Men: Evolution (2000-2003 TV Series)

Apocalypse's powers and abilities

Apocalypse possesses a multitude of powers derived from his original mutation, the powers of several other characters, the technology of the Eye of Ages that he merged with thousands of years later. All in all, Apocalypse can be considered one of (if not) the most powerful mutants currently on Earth.

  • Superhuman Intellect
  • Superhuman Physical Abilities: His original mutation gave him a grey complexion and superhuman physical abilities -- strength, speed, longevity, durability and endurance. His physical capabilities were further advanced after gaining the powers of various other mutants. To the point where he can casually create shock waves powerful enough to instantly defeat the X-Men and Acolytes combined with a single clap.

  • Life-Force Absorption: He was able to absorb all the energy of all the people rogue had ever absorbed to rejuvenate himself.

  • Psionic Powers:
  • [list]

  • Telepathy:
  • [/b] He has telepathic powers similar to those of both Charles Xavier and Jean Grey, making him a very advanced telepath, capable of defeating Professor Xavier, who was using Cerebro to amplify his own power.

  • Telekinesis: He also possesses telekinetic abilities similar to Jean Grey's, which borders on matter manipulation and allows him to levitate.

  • Psychic Shield/Force Fields: He can generate impenetrable, purple energy barriers, able to withstand any blast of human artillery even multiple satellites falling from space left no scratch on them. Only sub-atomic disruption technology can effectively disrupt the force fields. This ability is likely a variation of Magneto's magnetic shield.

Molecular Manipulation:

[*]Teleportation: As a variation of Nightcrawler's abilities, he was able to teleport Magneto, Professor Xavier, and Storm into his pyramid with a mere wave of his hand.

[*]Mutant Power Augmentation: He can enhance the powers of any mutant he chooses, like he did with Mesmero, Magneto, Mystique, Storm, and Charles Xavier.

[*]Light Manipulation/Photokinesis [/list]