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Ultimate Marvel Universe

Apocalypse's powers and abilities

Upon the reveal of his transformation, Apocalypse was shown to possess a myriad of abilities and has displayed the following:

[*]Power Absorption: Apocalypse was able to take the powers of others for his own, removing Wolverine's rapid-healing factor, along with that of at least one Morlock. He also would have taken Charles Xavier's telepathy, if not for the intervention of Cable and the Phoenix Force.

[*]Telekinesis: He could generate massive shockwaves of psionic force to destroy his surroundings.

[*]Regenerative Healing Factor: Upon absorbing Wolverine's powers, he gains the ability to instantaneously heal from wounds and injuries.

[*]Superhuman Durability: Apocalypse was capable of withstanding attacks from Wolverine's Claws, along with effortlessly removing Logan's arm from its socket. A full-on barrage of S.H.I.E.L.D. hardware had no obvious physical effect on him. During his fight with the Fantastic Four, he effortlessly resisted hits from Ben Grimm, along with attempts by Reed Richards to injure his nerve clusters.

[*]Superhuman Strength: Apocalypse was capable of lifting and tossing large vehicles with ease, repelling Ben Grimm, tearing through Xavier's armor, and injuring Jean Grey while possessed by the Phoenix.

[*]Shapeshifting: During the battle of New York, Apocalypse's form altered into a different, more heavily armored form. His statements imply this was a reaction to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attempt to kill him.

[*]Self-Sustenance: Apocalypse does not need to breathe as he was unaffected when Susan Storm tried to suffocate with her forcefields.

[*]Mind Control: Apocalypse proved able to control the actions of others, against their own will. Exactly where he acquired this skill is unclear. It was spread over an area of several miles, though it could be blocked by a skilled telepath. His abilities seem to be limited to only controlling mutants.

[*]Psychic Defense: Apocalypse's mental state provides him with a natural defense against telepathic intrusion.

Apocalypse's weaknesses

Though invulnerable to multiple types of attacks, even Apocalypse cannot fight against the Phoenix Force, for it is a force of the universe.