Alphamon's History

Alphamon is DORUmon's Ultimate. Originally a Digimon Prototype created by Yggdrasill, that was long forgotten and outdated until X-Antibody allowed the release of its hidden potential. By allying with "Doumoto Kouta", DORUmon was able to evolve and grow as a partner until it became Alphamon, a member of the Royal Knights.

While it is one of the "Royal Knights", it is said that to the Holy Knights it is a being similar to a deterrent force, and as it doesn't appear in normal times, it is also called the "Aloof Hermit" who flutters a blue mantle, and is the Royal Knight assigned to the place called the "Empty Seat". Because it possesses the "Alpha inForce" ability, an ultimate force which, in battle, instantaneously replays the elapsed battle, although Alphamon's attacks are over in just an instant, you can't grasp how many attacks it actually unleashed, and in theory, you can only see the final blow that brought down the opponent. It can deploy a magic circle of DigiCode from its hands to perform offense and defense. It wields the "Holy Sword Gradalpha", which is based on Grademon's Twin Swords Gradalpha.