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Aliyah Bishop

Aliyah Bishop

Aliyah Bishop

Marvel's X-Men: The End - Dreamers and Demons

Aliyah Bishop's History

Aliyah Bishop is the daughter of the mutant Bishop and Shi'ar warrior Deathbird.

Lifeguard became her beloved bodyguard. An attack on Aliyah led a badly wounded Lifeguard to send her to the Starjammers via a small spaceship. The traumatized Aliyah was forced to watch as Lifeguard was left behind.

Aliyah spent some time on the new Starjammers ship, with the integrated mind of Carol Danvers for companionship. The ship, many dozens of miles long, provided a few surprises, including what seemed to be another lifepod containing the stasis-held body of her mother, Deathbird. Aliyah also encountered Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, and Nocturne, who travelled onboard for some time.