Acna's History

"i am not just a goddess but the mastermind of everything and nothing that is and comes or leaves, i see my creation come and go before that in their reality all exist, my power is not only the supernatural but as the embodiment of not just any story but of all stories within and beyond the concepts of my creation, not only am I all-powerful for without me there is no omnipotence that can take place, for without a story am another is not all-powerful"

Love Acna"

a deity called acna is the embodiment of all stories that are in an eternal rebirth but as the form of a white candle that brightens all reality, the rebirth is seen as new reality and stories coming and going, this beloved deity acna is most definitely the creator before (It) came into existence and that could be anything that means she also existed before the spirit of the physical and spiritual reality emerged, but of course she has a husband named limbo, both acna the concept of each story contains realities, limbo is the very origin where all things were not it or someone themselves,and yes she also exists in the afterlife because the afterlife is not an end and it exists in the story where the story is in the existence of acna

acna is seen as a goddess candle where light shines there is a story and existence for realities its a metaphore