16 Man 1v1 Special item tournament

Created by Kanine88, 2 y 6 mo 26 d ago.

Anybody ready for another tournament?
sorry its been so long, works been crazy, 50+ hours a week lol.
But back to business, 12 single entrants, each wielding either an Infinity Stone, or a Lantern Ring.

So far ive got:

Scarecrow w/ Yellow Lantern Ring
Mysterio w/ Reality Stone
Carnage w/ Red Lantern Ring
Gorilla Grodd w/ Mind Stone
Captain America w/ Blue Lantern Ring
Mandarin w/ Orange Lantern Ring
Nightcrawler w/ Space Stone
Bane w/ Power Stone
Joker w/ Green Lantern Ring
Spiderman w/ Soul Stone
Mr. Fantastic w/ Purple Lantern
Deadpool w/ Pink Lantern.

Im up for ideas and any edits if anyones offering any substitutions.
Hit me with it yall.