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Chi was born into the life of a samurai life. he had the most Defenses and Offensive kills in his whole Army. One after his Knighting Seramonie He was going to his house to sleep and he was in a car crash and on the brink of death the god choose him to become the Golden Rage, He became the judge, Jury and Executioner he was given a giant beast for with golden Skin and warrior Tattoos

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Voted: Iceman

Is iceman an omega level mutant
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Ice vs Fire
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Captain vs Doctor
Voted: Ben 10

Upgrade might be able to take control of his
Voted: Frieza

I cant see him kill freiza with one punch freiza is to powerful
Voted: Team Wolverine

Magneto Rip iron man in half or inpale him with metal
Proffesor X Criple Caps mind
And the power of Professor X & Jean grey would Kill Thor
Logan Would Wreck Cap then Wolverine would be killed by the hulk
then when Jean and Professor X They could distracted hulk or at least stale him
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Voted: Justice League

I got to go with the Justice League bc with the brains of batman and Cyborg they could create weapons to destroy all of them

While Superman,Wonder Woman,Aquaman,and Flash Keep the Avengers At bae

it would be a great match tho
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Brain vs Braun

No Prep-Time the brain need to take back the city from Hulk and his warbond

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