Team Doctor LightvsTeam Magma

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aajayunlimited 9 mo 21 d
Team Doctor Light vs Team Magma
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not voted Team Light/Sound/Emotions VS Team Waves: Side 1 has the capability of affecting your senses/blocking/emotional state AND Side 2 has seismic implications/wave powers-abilities/seismic powers. BUT, NEITHER SIDE IS LIMITED TO THAT: For Example, SIDE 1--Boom Box is also very, very strong and very, very durable(if not invulnerable), Luminus has VERY convincing tricks, Dazzler's light powers are strengthened by sound(and she has 2 members on her team to aid her), SIDE 2: Magma has lava powers(as well as seismic powers), WWH has the whole gamut of intelligence, strength abilities, and regeneration--in addition to the thunderclap, Captain Planet has so many powers in addition to his seismic abilities. WHO WINS THIS?

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Team Magma wins!
Team Magma wins!
Team Magma wins!