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Sony Pictures

23 characters

Heroes and villains created by Sony Pictures

Brightburn Brandon Breyer
Captain Zoom Jack Shepard
Captain Zoom
Concussion Connor Shepard
Danny Trejo Machete
Darius Stone Darius Stone
Dr. Smolder Bravestone Spencer Gilpin
Dr. Smolder Bravestone
Hancock John Hancock
Houdini Dylan West
Little Rock
Mary Embrey Mary Embrey
Mary Embrey
Mega-Boy Tucker Willams
Miles Morales (Spider-Verse)
Paul Blart Paul Blart
Paul Blart
Princess Cindy Collins
SP//dr (Spider-Verse) Peni Parker
Spider-Ham (Spider-Verse) Peter Porker
Spider-Man (Raimi Trilogy) Peter Parker
Spider-Man (Raimi Trilogy)
Spider-Man (Spider-Verse) Peter B. Parker
Spider-Man Noir (Spider-Verse) Peter Parker
Spider-Woman (Spider-Verse) (Gwen Stacy)
Sweet Tooth Marcus Kane
Violet Song Jat Shariff
Violet Song Jat Shariff
Wonder Summer Jones