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Silver Banshee (CW)

Silver Banshee (CW)

Siobhan Smythe

Silver Banshee (CW)'s powers and abilities

Curse of the Banshee

Siobhan's powers come from the curse that runs in her family.

Sonic Scream

Because of the banshee curse that effects her, Siobhan is able to emit high-frequency sound waves through her scream. The sound waves are powerful enough to shatter glass, break thick concrete and pulverize cement, as well as cushion her falls. They are also strong enough to affect two full-sized adults at once, by knocking them off their feet, disorienting them, or even killing them. Kryptonians are not immune to these screams, either because Siobhan's powers come from a curse (Kryptonians are not protected from the effects of magic), as a side effect of their enhanced hearing, or possibly both. She can also direct her screams over large distances and even send them at specific targets, as seen when she deafened Supergirl without affecting both Livewire and the Flash. As her powers grow she will be able to send her scream anywhere in the world by focusing on her target.

Superhuman Strength

The banshee spirit that took over Siobhan gave her enhanced physical strength. When the spirit first took her over, she single-handedly threw off Winn without breaking a stride. Later, after fully embracing her powers, she was able to land a hard punch on Supergirl that sent the latter flying several feet.


Skilled Combatant

Siobhan has moderate skills in unarmed combat.

Strength Level

1,000 kg • 2,205 lb

Super Powers

Audio ControlFlightMagicSonic ScreamSuper Strength