Should We do this?

Created by BlotskyA, 1 y 6 mo 29 d ago.

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to say that I've been thinking of doing a fun project after the coronavirus pandemic is over, and that is making a tv show, I'm currently Watching The Flash and though what if we did it with My Amalgam Characters, so what do you guys think and we're going to post it on youtube, what do you guys say

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DivineBeast 1 y 4 mo 13 d
Should We do this?
17 months member
My hands do't work
EmptyHand 1 y 6 mo 29 d
Should We do this?
34 months member
Stop... With... The... Amalgams... No one cares about them
Jongensoden 1 y 6 mo 29 d
Should We do this?
51 months member
For the third time none of us can do this you need to follow special classes and nobody is interested in your uncreative amalgams
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