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Sebastian Shaw (FOX)

Sebastian Shaw (FOX)

Sebastian Hiram Shaw

Sebastian Shaw (FOX)'s powers and abilities

Energy Absorption

Shaw was able to absorb energy in all its forms, proportionality augmenting all his physical parameters until finally metabolizing it. This made him extremely difficult to defeat in battle, as all the kinetic force from an enemy's strike or projectile assaults is another form of energy that would ultimately be nullified while simultaneously strengthening him.

Enhanced Strength

By absorbing energy, he could enhance his physical strength to inhuman levels, to the point where no human strength could harm or faze him. This ability allowed him to overpower people with only his hand, send them flying through the air at great speed and effortlessly smash metal constructs. This also proportionately increased his natural resilience and durability, unaffected by falling debris.


Once he has the energy, he is able to produce and release it in powerful and destructive ways. He can focus it in various ways, including simple bursts, stretching shockwaves, and even concentrated balls. The strength of these attacks was shown powerful enough to take down an entire room in one strike.


As long as people attack him using force, he is invulnerable to any form of damage. He does not even get injured or scratched from extreme ballistic & combat wounds. When paralyzed by Professor X, Charles hinted he could only control Shaw for so long and demanded Moira be quiet. This implies Shaw has some very limited resistance to Psychic control or Professor X had not fully mastered his power.


The accumulated energy also acts as a form of sustenance, keeping him rested, nourished, and healthy. This allowed him to no longer need to eat or sleep beyond personal joy.

Decelerated Aging

His body metabolizes energy to rejuvenate his youth, thereby extending his youth, vitality, and overall lifespan proportionate to the accumulated energy. With the continuous absorption of energy, he possibly could have even lived forever.



Shaw was fluent in several languages - including English, German, French, and Russian.

Skilled Leader

He is very good at leading his own army, during battles.

High Intellect

He is very intelligent of knowing about wars, technology and strategizing.