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Ranking the Star Wars movies

Created by Dark_Wing, 4 y 6 mo 28 d ago.

It's about time we do some more Star Wars stuff on this site, it is revenge of the 6th after all


2099 1 y 5 mo 3 d
Ranking the Star Wars movies
37 months member
1)The clone wars
2) Empire strikes back
3) Revenge of the sith
4) A new Hope
5) Return of the jedi
6)Attack of the clones
7)Phantom menace
8)The force awakens
9)The rise of skywalker
10) The last jedi
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Galactus 1 y 5 mo 3 d
Ranking the Star Wars movies
8+ year member
Clone Wars isn't a movie.
TomBoy156 1 y 7 mo 3 d
Ranking the Star Wars movies
31 months member
My Star Wars film ranking is.
1. A New Hope
2. The Empire Strikes Back
3. The Last Jedi
4. The Force Awakens
5. Revenge of the Sith
6. Return of the Jedi
7. The Rise of Skywalker
8. Rogue One
9. Solo: A Star Wars Story
10. The Phantom Menace
11. Attack of the Clones
12. The Clone Wars (movie)