Raúl Harry


His story is crazy, because Daniel was in a day inspired (even too much, honestly) and decided to make a symptozoid with the DNA of six races (Celestial, Saiyan, Asgardian, Kryptonian, Titan and a blend of human DNA with inhuman DNA). On the ribs, he placed the Infinity Stones, placed the Cosmic Regulator as the heart of the machine and the heart Of The Universe as a secondary heart. He made a vib... read more

Power Stats

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Full name Raúl Harry A.B.G
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Aliases Alfa Beta Gama
Place of birth 2008
First appearance 2010
Creator DanielJSantos
Alignment Good


Occupation A bad golfer and a NATO swordsman, and Daniel's bodyguard / best friend.
Base Daniel´s mansion
Teams No teams added.
Relatives Daniel (Creator Scientist)


Type / Race
Height 7'2 • 218 cm
Weight 159 lb • 72 kg
Eye color Blue / White
Hair color Gold


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