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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Loki (God Of Stories)Over Monitor2000
The One-Above-AllGeorge Lucas3000
Loki (God Of Stories)Bat-Mite3000
Thor (Pre-Ragnarok) (MCU)Team Riot (SONY)1000
God Emperor DoomNyx (House Of Ideas)4000
Ancient One (MCU) & Doctor Strange (MCU)Anti-Monitor (CW)1000
The Coven (Witches)Nyx1000
ParallaxSuperman Prime One-Million1000
God BrainiacIron Man (Galactus Buster)1000
Empty HandThe Queen Of Nevers4100
Brainiac (Futures End)Anti-Monitor (COIE)1000
Cosmic Immortal HulkLogos1000
Cosmic Armor SupermanPerpetua2000
LogosAnti-Monitor (COIE)6000
The PresenceThe One From Beyond1000
Doctor Doom (Earth-14412)Thanos (God Quarry)1000
Cosmic Armor Superman & Spectre (Backed By Presence)The Living Tribunal & Cosmic Immortal Hulk5100
Death Of DeathOne-Above-All (Post-Retcon)3000
The Beyonder (Earth-1298)Doctor Doom (Life Force)2000