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Battles created by RajinKabir

Team 1 Team 2
Ego-PrimeLoki (The All-Butcher/Necrogod) (Earth-14412)2 y 1000
ZeusGhost Rider (King Of Hell)2 y 2000
Darkseid (DCEU)Godzilla (MonsterVerse)3 mo 4100
The Twins (MiB)Edgar The Bug (MiB)3 mo 1000
Thanos (God Quarry)Hulk (Heart Of The Monster)2 y 2000
HecateThanos (God Quarry)2 y 3000
Empty Hand (Earth-7)Team Death Of The Endless2 y 3000
Dark PresenceWhite Phoenix of the Crown2 y 2000
The Coven (Witches)Death2 y 2000
Black Cat (Yggdrasil Staff)Sentry (Stable)3 mo 1000
Zeus (WotT)Ares (DCEU)2 y 4000
Lifebringer (Doom Universe)The Mad Celestial9 mo 2000
OracleDarkseid2 mo 4000
NaomiThe Flash11 mo 4000
Old King ThorMazikeen2 y 5000
Death Dealer (MCU)Winter Soldier (MCU)2 mo 4000
Team SentryTeam Thor2 y 3000
Dark Phoenix (EMCU)Spectre (Arrowverse)7 mo 1000
Ra (GOE)Zeus (DCEU)1 mo 3000
Jaro TapalIG-11 & K-2SO11 mo 1000