Namor McKenzie


Namor's weapons

Neptune's Trident

Neptune's Trident is in part made of Enchanted-Adamantine Metal while possessing other properties which have yet to be completely revealed. The trident is capable of many things centering but not limited to water-base feats.

  • Water Manipulation
    -Ability to control any body of water, create water elementals, speed ships and other water vehicles with water, create fogs and storms of high intensity, summon waves of water to propel him at great speeds, and create earthquakes by increasing water pressure.
  • Mystic Beams
    -(Protruding from the trident) It's been constantly depicted that lights or lasers of many colors with many of their own attributes from healing, damaging, cursing and granting.
  • Mystic Formation
    -A unique power to transform objects, willing subjects, and even the wielder, to any desired form with added abilities.

Namor's equipment

Horn of Proteus

The Proteus Horn was an Atlantean relic that allowed the user to summon and control many of the sea monsters and mutates found in the sea. All that was known of the Horns origin is that is was a gift of the early Atlanteans. The Horn resembled a three-foot long spiral shell.

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