Mortal Kombat questionnaire.

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1. What faction would you belong to?
2. Sub-Zero or Scorpion?
3. Favourite MK game?
4. Favourite character?
5. Favourite guest character?
6. Least favourite character?
7. Old or new timeline?
8. Where would you like to live?
9. Best fatality?
10. Character you'd like to see in the next game?
11. What you'd like to happen next in the story?
12. Something you'd like to change about the existing story?
13. Best intro?


sonyablade 2 y 7 mo 30 d
Mortal Kombat questionnaire.
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1.Lin Kuei
2.I'm neutral here. Scorpion is hot, Sub Zero is cool. But in terms of stories, I love Bi-Han's.
3.MK9. It's when the reboot was set in motion, and I loved it!!! Plus that set of guest characters...
4.Cassie Cage andd Sonya Blade. They are easy to work with. Plus Erron Black. He's cool and sexyyy
5. It's got to be Kratos and the Joker
6. I really hate Sindel in MK11. For the completely foreign character, i hated Alien.
7. New Timeline. Much more interesting.
8. Earth. Everywhere else is scary.
9. The one in MK9 where Sonya scissors you to death
10.Guest character for mext game? Pennywise, Hisoka (HxH)
11.For them to find a way of bringing back the oldest characters that appeared in the earliest games as playabble characters.
12.I wish Liu and Katanna had had a kid of their own before they died. Would have been fun to play with and see their interacctions with the evil verions of their parents.

Kung Lao: "We are not here to parlay, are we?"
Skarlet: "I came to suck you dry"
Kung Lao: "Skarlet, we hardly know each other!"
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Tyrannus 2 y 7 mo 17 d
Mortal Kombat questionnaire.
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What was wrong with Alien? We had Predator so it made sense.
Tyrannus 2 y 9 mo 8 d
Mortal Kombat questionnaire.
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1. Lin Kuai
2. Sub-Zero. He was in the right.
3. Mortal Kombat X - Had good intros, the costumes were the best in the series and it was the most serious of them all. No babalities or friendships. Story wasn't as good as MK9 but still good.
4. Sub-Zero
5. Terminator - love Terminator in general.
6. Jacqui Briggs - ok as a background character but that's it. Not really needed.
7. New - stories been fleshed out more.
8. Zaterra
9. Teamwork by Triborg
10. Noob Saibot
11. More of the cyber initiative.
12. Sub-Zero and Scorpion making peace.
13. Jax: Man, Scorpion toasted you.
Noob Saibot: Ermac ripped off your arms.
Jax: But I survived. You didn't.