Lucifer Morningstar Feats

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Lucifer Morningstar Feats
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Lucifer created his very own concept of creation.
Basically you building a lego city but he built his version of existence/creation
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Lucifer Morningstar Feats
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dream says here that facing Lucifer will result into unsatisfactory results and that he is not even sure if he will come out alive. Dream in his realm (where he is at his strongest) says that Lucifer is by far the strongest being there is, only behind the presence(later i will address this myth), which includes himself in his realm, his family in which death and destiny are stronger than him and his parents.

Now when dream faces Lucifer he verbatim says he is scared of Lucifer, this same dream has all of his power

death of the endless have no claim over him

nd when lucifer said that he can kill her,she seemingly agree

Lucifer and his brothers, Michael and Gabriel, created and shaped the DC multiverse, after God created them

he burned angels

killed the corrupted presence

he's omniscience

He can open portal to other plane of existence.

e can teleport anywhere in an instant like going to Hell.

His raw strength alone is powerful enough to send a man hurling acrooss Earth gravity.

He can travel through dimension and open any door.

He can freeze any being.

He destroyed God’s from the first world.
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MoNsTeR 2 y 8 mo 21 d
Lucifer Morningstar Feats
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He can break through anything, like the box that once contained the Basanos.

Lucifer is older and greater than the Angel of Death

He can make anyone feel pain with his will.

He could end the Basanos if he wanted to.

He opens the passage of letter into the void, no longer an Angel of Heaven nor the Lord of Hell.

He is Lucifer Morningstar the oldest name given by God, and he made the door to the Nihlo(Nothingess) in his name, undoing will unmake Creation.

e can enter the mind of humans without restriction or limit.

he was the one who helped elaine not to die when she was trying to take into herself michael’s power despite her overwhelming the dreaming way before this as I’ve already shown

He can walk 9 days without food, water, clothe, or rest.

While powerless in the House of Windowless Room he manipulated Musubi, into her Death.

He is skilled in swordsmanship.

He has dealt through every pain possible and with his angelic wing he can fly.

Without Michael, the host of Heaven are weak against Lucifer.

Demon like creature takes command from him.

Even The Source(avatar) doesn’t affect him.

Lucifer is proficient at Pryokinesis.

He took a Demiurgic Explosion from his brother Michael(which contains the Infinite Power of God) twice and the 2nd time he was even weakened

Lucifer can create souls and conjure into physical being.

Time and Space are a part of the Mind, the Will, to Lucifer concepts like Infinity are mere phenomenon.