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Keystone's weapons

No weapons connected to Keystone

Keystone's equipment


Keystone has a simple attire . He wears a Cyrian Armor that is laced with gold and silver metal of unknown material . He stands at 6’0 and 205lbs . He also wears a silver helmet resembling that of Marvel's Nova


Energy Sword

This laser sword, emitted from his right arm, could also be flattened into a shield on his hands, or spread over his entire body to encase him in a protective covering. It can slide right through solid tungsten

Energy Shield

It can protect the him from harm. It is also capable of reflecting attacks and staying mobile. The shield is strong enough to withstand a super nova. The shielding can resist a force blast from the Father Spirit a beam of energy so powerful it can destroy the bonds between atoms and molecules, and magic.

Cyrian Helmet

This helmet was designed to be used by members of the elite Cyrians

Has a C.P.S (Cosmical Positioning Satellite)

Can translate languages from different species.

Records and displays holograms

Attaches uniform.

Feeds information into the wielders brain and forces them to multitask

Enables the wielder to slow down when approaching something in its path and then speed up again when there is a clear path

Flashes different colors to warn the wielder of something

Bounty Force HUD

Reveals name and affiliation of friend and foe

Grants the wielder entire control of their powers


Transfers history of the past wielder.

No equipment or weapons connected to Keystone