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I just can't vote for an SJW lezbo
Voted: Superman

Wow. 24.4% of you (at this time), are pretty stupid.
Voted: Shazam

This one is almost impossible to call. Two slightly lesser versions of Superman. I guess you have to go with Shazam because at the end of the day, Superman can clearly beat supergirl, but Supes vs Shazam is much more hotly debated.
Voted: Superman

The fact that supergirl is pulling 1/3 of the vote is pretty silly. Let me guess, you think batgirl can beat Batman as well.
Voted: Superman

I love me some Green Lantern, but Superman is just stronger than his constructs.
Voted: Superman

Wow. You sound like Vencinni from "The Princess Bride" trying to deduce which wine has the iocane powder.
317 days ago
Hulk vs Superman
Voted: Superman

Can someone please explain to me how Hulk has a 90 for intelligence.
Voted: Superman

The fact that Batman has as 40% of the votes doesn't speak well for the people who frequent this website.
Voted: Superman

Flash has absolutely nothing going for him except he is faster. Yet supes is fast enough to be considered a speedster. Flash is faster than EVERYONE! So if that's your basis, you're basically saying he's unbeatable.

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