Imbued Spinosaurus


Original Character

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The original Spinosaurus that attacked the 20, given power by the Microcosmic. One of the 120 Grand Priests to be chosen.

Combat History

Able to tank attacks from a being capable of destroying a mountain, and another who has the full power of Saturn.

Outsped Unleashed Zach and Unleashed Anika, who both felt can perceive time around 800 thousand times faster than the standard human. Not bound by a mental need to keep up speed, so permanently perceives time 820,895 times faster than the human mind, as well as being able to travel at the speed of 220,000,000m/h (320000km/h). Was described as a flash of light.

A single body slam would generate 99,244,072,929,263,616,000J (around 100 Sextillion Joules of energy, via 1/2 mass*velocity^2). This is around Country Level in the VS Battles wiki, or around 24 trillion tons of TNT.

Neuron manipulation above Unleashed Zach's who was able to overpower a being capable of moving Tectonic plates using willpower alone (Only way to bypass the neuron manipulation is via stronger electricity manipulation or sheer willpower if the effect is chemical base, such as an increase in dopamine, paralysis for example has no resistance, because there is just no signal allowed, not an increase or decrease in a certain chemical released). Can give temporary or permanent brain damage to an attacker, as well as separate the left and right brain's communications. Can Also manipulate emotions, create paranoia, and other common neurological disorders that are not caused by a genetic abnormality (Like Schizophrenia, Parkinsons, or Alzheimer's.

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