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How many stormtroopers could the Incredibles take down

Created by Dark_Wing, 4 y 1 mo 3 d ago.

For the incredible we have Mr Incredible, ElasticGirl, Violet Parr, Dash, and for good measure Frozone
Going up against an endless legion of first order stormtroopers how many could they take out before being defeated themselves


LordTracer 4 y 1 mo 3 d
How many stormtroopers could the Incredibles take down
70 months member
Well, with all of the Incredibles' attack potency added together, that comes out to a value of about 200.002005 kilotons, which is two times the baseline of large town level. With their standard E-11 blasters, a single Stormtrooper packs 0.00004539097 kilotons in a single shot of the E-11, and with the 500 round clip, that's 0.0226954876 kilotons for every stormtrooper. Divide the values of the Incredibles' AP and the stormtroopers', and it comes out with 8812.41278112. So, the Incredibles would be able to take out about 8,813 stormtroopers before going down.