Team Fortress 2

Heavy's History

Heavy has been a common character in the Team Fortress 2 comic series, generally being represented as a big, tough man with a good heart. However, his largest appearance yet was in "Team Fortress 2 #3: A Cold Day In Hell, which fleshed out Heavies backstory, revealing Heavy took up his mercenary job to support his family after they escaped from a Siberian gulag in the year 1941.

Heavy is also very close to his family, visiting them once a month and protects his mother and three younger sisters from Russian soldiers. Currently in the comic, Heavy, his mother, and three sisters are travelling around the world looking for the Sniper, Medic, and Engineer.

Received orders from Miss Pauling, Heavy teamed up with Scout as they head to Ayers Rock to investigate. Soon, they learned it's a hidden but now abandoned Australium Gold Mine. Suddenly, the two encountered Saxton Hale and Maggie who were also there looking for the missing Australium. Eventually, the two teamed up to stop Gray Mann.