Franklin Richards

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I wish i looked like Franklin Richards from comics,I wish i was 11 years old,I wish i had the exact X-gene that Franklin Richards,I wish i had the Traits of Franklin Richards,I wish i was Mutant like Franklin Richards,I wish i had a body like Franklin Richards,I wish i had the same D.N.A as Franklin Richards,I wish i had a penis that is 6 inches long2 inches wide,I wish i was 4 feet 7 inches tall,I wish i was 99.91 pounds,I wish i had a iq of 160 but can get higher one because of I wish my name was Franklin Richards,I wish i look like Franklin richards when he was 11 years old as depicted in marvel comics,I wish i had a iq of 160 like Franklin Richards,I wish i could easily punch,kick,lift and throw 9 tons but if i use Mentifery,Life,Molecular,Physics manipulation or Biokinesis i can get stronger,I wish i could run 12 miles per second but with Mentifery,Physics manipulation,Time manipulation, Molecular manipulation,Life manipulation i can run faster,I wish that i can control my speed,I wish i had the power creation,dimension storage,superhuman durability,energy manipulation on a cosmic scale,matter manipulation on a cosmic scale ,mind control resistance,physics manipulation on a cosmic scale,create pocket dimension like Franklin Richards,see 5 days in the future,Mentifery as depicted on superpower wiki on a cosmic scale,superhuman stamina,telekinesis on a cosmic scale,Telepathy on a cosmic scale,Time manipulation on a cosmic scale,Transmutation as depicted on superpower wiki on a cosmic scale scale,Absorption,Accelerated development so great that my abilities get stronger each second,Accelerated healing,Adaptation, Supernatural agililty,Animation and Berserk mode as depicted on superpower wiki,Astral projection,Biokinesis,Cold resistance,Sense danger on a cosmic scale,Death touch,Enhanced dexterity,Dimensional awareness,Dimensional travel,Duplication, Electricity resistance,Empathy,Absolute endurance,Energy absorption,Energy beam,Energy blasts,Energy constructs,Energy resistance,Enhanced senses,Enhanced sight,Enhanced touch,Entropy projection,Existence Erasure resistance,Fire resistance,Flight,Forcefields,Grim reaping,Heat resistance,Illusions,Immortality,Imdomitable Will,Invulnerability,Supernatural leap as,Latent abilities,Levitation,Life manipulation,Light control,Longevity,Magic resistance,Supernatural Marksmanship,Matter absorption,Mind blast,Telepathic Illusion,Cloak and Camouflage,Mind control,Mind Possession,Mind Alteration,Mental Amnesia,Molecular manipulation,Possession resistance,Power Nullifier,Projection,Psionic powers on a cosmic scale,Psionic blast,Psionic shield,Mental detection,Mind transferal,Radar sense,Radiation immunity,Reactive power level,Supernatural Reflexes,Resurrection,Self-sustenance,Spatial awareness,Statistics Amplification,Supernatural Stealth,Telepathy resistance,Teleportation,Time manipulation resistance,Time travel,Timeframe control,Toxin and Disease resistance and Vitakinesis,I wish none see my changes except Naheim Johnson

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