Would you rather be a mod now or wait until the new site is out and become a herald

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I know I'm supposed to be offline but I'm just wondering


I've been here ever Spence 2017 in December
Probably a mod now,
But (SHDB v4.0) is right around th corner.
But mod would be nice, probably
A couple of years and I might be one.
1+ years member.
you will might be made a editor after the new site is made
im waiting years to be a editor
@jongensoden Ya, you'd be a good editor.
1+ years member.
i mean if i edit charachters i also do history etc and for the powers i take time so i dont forget powers
look how much charachters have missing powers
https://www.superherodb.com/forum/request-missing-superpowers-to-charachters/100-3551/ 96 procent are just my comments
oh and if you think somepowers are missing on this site
https://www.superherodb.com/forum/request-missing-superpowers-to-charachters/100-3551/ procent are my comments
almost nobody cares about editing except you and me
(Agreed) editors should spend at the least
30 minutes to an hour on 1 character,
Just to make sure they don't miss any superpower's,
Hair color,
I would study the character first
And read the origin, powers,
Background, and make sure I got everything right,
Than save and he's just right,
No missed powers no wrong stats,
Just perfect.
I just want to be an editor,
I believe the rankings are,
#1 @Galactus,
#2 herald,
#3 moderator,
#4 editor,
#5 average member,
Herald. however ill never be one ;(

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