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For this list I will be looking at the greatest villians in different universes. This is not a list of the most powerful, this is a list of the greatest, meaning the villians that have had the biggest impact on their respective universe. If you have any suggestions for this list, I would love to hear them.


aajayunlimited 5 days ago
Hydro-man, Carnage, Spider-Carnage, the Spot, and, since being on this site, Amazo and Reptile(liked him a moderate amount from his STAGED , SUGARCOATED battle with Liu Kang in MK movie years ago; but now, I know completely what he can do and he's tremendous as a villain). Note: Carnage and Spider-Carnage do not use the devil horns.
h0ward_the_duck 106 days ago
i say lobo is in the top 5
remy94 115 days ago
Thanks wolfdragon123 for your comment, Joker is number one on this list.
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remy94 115 days ago
Number 7 Anti-monitor is the space god that brought about the infinity crisis in the DC universe.
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wolfdragon123 115 days ago
The greatest villain of all time is of course none other than The Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime brings terror and chaos everywhere he goes. As crazy as he is, he is often smart enough to get inside his victim's mind and plan the absolute worst things. He is not he average villain, he does not want money or power, he just wants to see the world burn and to see the end of the Bat's life. No one had gone to the lengths that The Joker has to get what he wants. His journey is a never-ending one. Even when he eventually died other people and groups took his place to continue what he started. His work effected not only those in his time, but generations to come and that is a sign of a great villain.
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memilee 115 days ago
remy94 133 days ago
Next on my is the gray skinned behemoth that killed Superman, Doomsday! Feared in the DC universe as a near invulnerable behemoth and next to unstoppable force, created to be the perfect being, Doomsday is several thousand years old, a fearsome warrior, and with his adaptability is capable of defeating near any character. because of this he easy makes his way onto this list, at number 8.
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remy94 150 days ago
Ultron is number 9 on my list, created by the genius Hank Pym (Ant-Man), Ultron betrayed his maker and become perhaps the greatest enemy of the Avengers.
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remy94 153 days ago
Taking the number 10 spot is the Red Skull, the most dangerous of all Nazi agents, who is the main nemesis of Captain America.
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batfan56 158 days ago
Rozybane 167 days ago
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remy94 167 days ago
Honorable mention
Dark Phoenix
Green Goblin
Black Adam
Ra's Al Ghul
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Spectre94 169 days ago
I think Galactus has had a big effect on the marvel universe
SirSpidey 169 days ago
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flamingtayo 170 days ago
joker doomsday darkseid doom thanos hydra(in a whole) yellow red and orange lantern Darth vader
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