Superman versus The Hulk

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Modern age versions of the character in real world new york city


wolfdragon123 163 days ago
I think you have that backwards, Hulk's exact strength level is unknown, but Superman's strength is actually infinite. Either way, I definately agree that Superman destroys Hulk
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batfan56 163 days ago
Hulks power is unlimited, superman's power is just unknown, as long as superman can make hulk happy, superman woul win
God_of_Thunder 1 year ago.
This is a good and a more even match up than The man of Steel vs God of Thunder !
Incredible Hulk and Superman have about the same amount of battle expirience as they have lived and fought about maybe 20 or 30 years att most. They have about the same extremely high superhuman strength and about same level of invulnerability with a plus for Hulk no real limitations. Superman is very intelligent have much more powers and is the faster by a lot. If Superman fights tactical and uses all his advantages which he will than its Superman who takes this fight.
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rohit_DK 1 year ago.
You r undermining the fact that both derive Powers from sun. one directly and one through Gama rendition but if war is on red Planet Gama will still be there but no yelllo or blue sun light. if superman cut loose and try to kill hulk he won't die as he will only be more pissed; hulk in its top form can also destroy planets. Hulk Survives Fin Fang Foom's Fire if u even think of heat vision of superman. Hulk's Clap Compared to Sonic Boom.
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ultrajith 1 year ago.
Superman will obviously win the battle . This is because of his super speed which can give him an upper hand in the fight.
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