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Do you guys have any DC/Marvel crossover ideas?If you have I'd really like to hear them.


God_of_Thunder 226 days ago
You may also just choose to play in the world of Marvel or Dc and inclued characters and other things from the other universe.
We have included a lot of dark and dirty elements and made the world less black and white. Politics and Corruption, large companys as Roxxon oil got a lot of power because of money and politics. They exploit nature human and metahuman resources to a maximum for profit. Registration of Metahumans and fear for the mutant species lead to voilence. Etc etc
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God_of_Thunder 226 days ago
powerful villian of either universe escape his followers threw a dimensional portal.
With him is a force of Metahumans or soldiers equiped with hightech weaponry.
By accident they end up in the other universe the portal beeing wrong. The superheroes that follows find the dimensional portal and decide to go threw.
A Dimensional Rift have come to existence wrongly by nature. The rift is very hard to discover. Characters become miss placed and maybe the problem attract the attention of superheroes from bouth universes.
The Rift may also be growing and what will happen then ? Maybe there will be one universe or they will destroy each other, the rift have to be closed.
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OrioN 227 days ago
@God_of_Thunder ..Trust me..I'd love to hear any kind of ideas you have..! So..go ahead!
God_of_Thunder 228 days ago
What is the plans for the cross over ?
Do you want to run a Metahuman rpg based upon the Marvel and Dc universes ?
Do you want to run a a shorter campaign or just an adventure ?
Im game mastering a Metahuman world based upon Marvel universe but with some changes. I have included characters from the Dc universe and also used other elements important for a Metahuman world making it a bit darker and realistic.
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