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I've added some characters from the Narutoverse, please upvote:
Hagoromo Otsutsuki
Himawari Uzumaki
Ino Yamanaka
Inojin Yamanaka
Iruka Sensei
Iwabee Yuino
Kabuto Yakushi
Kaguya Otsutsuki
Konohamaru Sarutobi
Kurenai Yuhi
Kushina Uzumaki
Metal Lee
Momoshiki Otsutsuki
Shikadai Nara
Tobirama Senju
Urashiki Otsutsuki
Zabuza Momochi
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Bastion from Overwatch is in the database twice, as The Last Bastion and E54 Bastion
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Percy Jackson is already in the database.
Guys I've added The Blob and he's been accepted but he's already in the database under 'Blob' and I didn't realise. Could you remove my add please? Cheers
I added Oryx the Taken King from Destiny. I know there are a couple of other Destiny players here, I figure he would be appropriate for this site.
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He will be in the database soon
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I've added everyone from the Overwatch cast that isn't already in the database, I'd appreciate some upvotes
Haven't played Overwatch, but I'll upvote them for you just tell me who they are.
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Ana, Bastion, Brigitte, Genji, Hanzo, Junkrat, Lúcio, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sombra, Symmetra, Torbjörn, Widowmaker, Zarya, Zenyatta. (Yes it's quite a few)
Ok I'll get on it.
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Thanks, appreciate it
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Oh, also Mcree and
1+ years member.
D.Va's already in the database.
Alright finished upvoting them all.
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Oh haha sorry. I'll take her off
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One more I forgot, Winston (Specimen 28)
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Thanks. (Also forgot Pharah sorry I keep doing that I swear it's the last one)
😂 It's all good just keep letting me know and I'll keep up voting them.
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Haha thanks. I'm pretty sure that really is it but if not I'll let you know😂
Ok, so I think for characters, such as Superman, who's power is very different through each incarnation should be like, say, Superman (Silver Age) so we can know what version we're arguing with. Just to make things simpler.
Galactus, could we have an update on what the most recent character adds were?
Oh, can you guys upvote Hanzo, McCree, and Sombra all from Overwatch I would really appreciate it.
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They are repeated. Eleminate them and i'll vote 😉
Just removed them😉
Hey guys, i just submitted Shadow Demon in the Add characters list. There are Darkseid Parademons disponible in this site, so why not the Shadow Demons of the Anti-Monitor? They are actually a pretty big deal and other villains such as Darkseid (in The Death of the New Gods comics) and Krona (in the Green Lantern Corps DC Animated Original Movie) have already used these demons to help them in their evil deeds. Just a call out so they can be upvoted. 😀
Will do.
What do you mean?
Some people have tried adding Ebony Maw, Mr. Freeze, The Flash, Superman DCEU, Spider-Gwen, Everett Ross, etc. Even though they are already in the database. But it hasn't been just them there has been others in the past.
Just added All For One from My Hero Academia. Actually a really cool villain with some potential for great battles, so if you could upvote him that would be great!
Will do.
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Maybe I will feel stupid but where upvote ?
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Could you guys upvote White Witch (Wanda Zatara) from Amalgam Comics?
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Thanks for getting White Witch approved, guys! Could you also upvote All-Father Ultron (Ultron), Red Lantern (Hal Jordan), Symbiote X-23, Tarn and Ultron-19?
I just added Bastion and Winston. (Also from Overwatch.) I would like to get them in, and then have an Overwatch-Team that we can put up against others like the Avengers, X-Men or Justice League.
Hey if you guys don't mind can you upvote Jiraiya, Nagato Uzumaki, and Obito Uchiha, I've already explained the abilities of Obito and Nagato in the comments below.
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Sure thing
Thanks, dude!
1+ years member.
No problem
Upvoted all of them.
Yes!! Thank you!
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Can you please vote for Flash II (Wally West). This is the second Flash in the New 52/DC Rebirth
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The other one is the third Flash from before the Flashpoint
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Voted👍 can everyone vote for Kenpachi Zaraki, one of my favorite characters.
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I´m not accepting a character that is already in the database
Flash II is already in the database. WTF dude.
@plaidcoolflyer and @SirSpidey this is a different flash II
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No, this is the Wally West that is already in the database. You don't see COIE Superman in the database, or COIE Wonder Woman, or COIE Hal Jordan, and etc. Why does Wally West get a pass?
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I removed Flash II (Wally) from the approved list.
Bout to add tons of uSTATS for MCU characters
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Great! 😀
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Since we're adding MCU and DCEU characters, we might as well also add the Lego versions. Please add them in a format like: Batman (LEGO)
yes thanks galactus i hoper there gonna be aprove also ninjago charchters
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I really dont understand these MCU & DCEU characters
I guess it's because the movie incarnations are very different from their comic counterparts.
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How is that? They're completely different people, in an alternate universe, with different powers, backstories and appearances, what is so hard for you to understand?
Submitted the Helena Wayne incarnation of Huntress.
Hey @Galactus , I think it'd be awesome if we could add White Tiger Ranger (Tommy Oliver) or Lord Drakkon from the Power Rangers comics as they are the two most powerful rangers to ever exist. Lord Drakkon could actually survive some of these fights!
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You can add them at the link above.
Can we add our own ones we made?
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No. You can do that at the 'my profile' page. Those will be added to the database after all testing is done.
Could we add the Dragonborn from Skyrim please?
I'm all for that, but would it work though? I mean the Dragonborn's appearance changes with everyone's avatar, along with its power and move set.
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Dragonborn is already in the database.
I wish Kami Tenchi, Kaguya Otsutsuki & Asura(Asura's Wrath) will be added.
Asura(Asura's Wrath) is already added.
I actually added the White Tiger Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers because I know he was everyone's favorite and he's the most powerful ranger by far.
I have submitted Soldier 76 and Reaper from Overwatch. I am a fan of the game and think some of its heroes would fit right in on this site.
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Do you play on console?
Yo, I love that game!
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Do you play on console?
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PS4 or Xbox One?
Xbox One.
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Well dang it. Never mind then
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Since we're submitting Overwatch characters now, I added Tracer and Mercy. Could ya'll upvote them?
I play on PS4.
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Awesome! Send a friend request to SirSpidey01
I have sent a message for confirmation to Sirspidy01.
Can everyone please upvote Quentin Coldwater, Julia Wicker, Alice Quinn, Eliot Waugh, Penny, Margo Henson and Henry Fogg? They are from a TV show called The magicians (which is an awesome thanks show that you should all watch (if you are 16 + I really don't recommend it if you are one of the younger people here)
I recently put up a character called Aginar. Aginar was an Eternal of the Polar Mountains. He was a military leader and he posed as the assistant to Valkin/General Vulcanin. Created by Jack Kirby and and debuted and Eternals #11 (1977)
PLEASE vote for New Goblin from Spider-Man 3.
Whoever voted for The Mother F*cker and The Tumor, you have my respect.
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That was me 😀
Hey if you guys don't mind, can you upvote Nagato Uzumaki and Obito Uchiha. I hope this website will eventually have a lot more Naruto characters. Nagato has a rinnegan, which when used with Nagato's high chakra can be extremely deadly, being able to take on kcm1 Naruto along with Killer Bee. The rinnegan's ability's come in six-paths along with a couple of miscellaneous abilities. The Deva Path which controls attractive and repulsive forces, but everytime it is used it take a minimum of 5 seconds to recharge. The Deva path can also summon a meteor by pulling rocks and other things on the ground into a huge ball of various materials on the Earth's surface. The Naraka Path can summon the king of Hell, who can heal anyone who goes inside of his mouth. He can also rip out the tongues of anyone who lies to him. The Asura Path which has knives and extra arms that come out of his body. Oh not to mention he also has fricken LASERS. The Human Path can absorb people's souls, instantly killing them. When he does this he also reads the person's mind. The Animal Path has access to the most powerful summons in Naruto. (Excluding the tailed beasts). The Preta Path can absorb chakra and ninjutsu. He also has Black chakra rods, which he can put chakra into to control dead bodies. He can also use these rods purely just to stab. Obito's right eye has something called Kamui which basically lets him be intangible by sending parts of his body to his own pocket dimension. He can also pull other people into Kamui, this trapping them inside. He also has a rinnegan in the other eye, and you already know how powerful that is, although he is not as skilled as Nagato at using it.
THANK YOU! I put Kaguya Otsutsiki. Not because I like her. It's because she's powerful.
Cool I'll upvote her.
Please vote for The Motherf*cker and The Tumor from Kick-A*s 2. Also, please vote for The Music Meister.
The Expendables: Barney Ross, Lee Christmas, Yin Yang, Hale Caesar, Gunnar Jensen, Toll Road. These Guys are total badass mercenaries, and it would mean a lot if you guys would vote for them. If you don't know who they are completely, I hope you would consider watching their fight scenes on YouTube.
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If you guys wouldn't mind, could you upvote Black Vortex and Jubilee (Full Potential)? Black Vortex is a very powerful version of Kitty Pryde who's around Skyfather level, possibly higher, and Jubilee, at her full potential, can destroy things on the sub-atomic scale, and is definitely an Omega Level Mutant.
Aight I gotchu man
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Since apparently, there should be two different characters for them, could you guys upvote Grand Master Skywalker?
How do I upvote characters?
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If you click the link in the description and find Grand Master Skywalker, tap the green thumb to upvote him.
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Would you guys mind voting for a few Adventure Time characters I just added:
-Finn the Human
-Jake the Dog
-Lady Rainicorn
-Marceline the Vampire Queen
-Lumpy Space Princess
-Flame Princess
-Princess Bubblegum
-Ice King
-The Lich
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Now Most Underworld characters are in database only main character "Selene" remained. Please vote for her.
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I believe that I did just vote for her.
and captain america robber he is from spiderman homecoming
red ninja kai from lego ninjago
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Call y'all upvote Aslan, Beast, Damage (Ethan Avery), Immortal Hulk, Simba, Mufasa, Nala, Scar, Kiara, Sarabi and Space Punisher Hulk?
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Could you guys upvote Umar, the sister of Dormammu and Sinifer, the father of Dormammu and Umar?
I add turin turambar, for a prophecy states that Melkor, the one master of darkness, shall return from the void and shall reign hell down upon middle earth, destroying the world in a battle called the Dagor Dagorath. but during the Dagor Dagorath a mortal man named Turin Turambar shall rise up and face Melkor down, and kill him.
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I add Eru Iluvatar- God and creator of Middle-Earth and Universe
Could you guys upvote Celebrimbor, the elven king by J.R.R. Tolkien that forged the rings of power except for the one ring who was forged in secret buy annater who assisted in the forging of the others and later became known as Sauron.
1+ years member.
I add The Decreator
i shall upvote decretor
1+ years member.
@wolfdragon123 upvote completed
3+ years member.
Thanks! I will upvote the decreator
1+ years member.
@wolfdragon123 Thank youuu
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Can you guys please upvote Kingdom Come Wally West and Endosym Armor Tony Stark?
3+ years member.
*Kingdom Come Flash
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I've submitted The Father, Son and Daughter of Mortis, as well as Abeloth and The Chosen One (Anakin Skywalker). They are the most powerful beings in all of Star Wars, and some of the most powerful beings in fiction. If you guys could upvote them, that'd be great.
I have submitted Gigan from Toho Studios Godzilla franchise, and i would like to mention my friend has added Gypsy Danger, Striker Eureka and Crimson Typhoon who are all from Pacific Rim.
We are trying to add a few more Kaiju, i know that this site was designed more for super heroes, but I don't see why we cant expand it towards a greater variety of characters.
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Could we add Meta Knight?
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If y'all could up vote Bodolf The Black from the Thor comics, that would be great. One of the strongest characters in comics who is similar to the Hulk. Thanks
Hey, i know i just suggested a character. But i would like to add another idea. Is there any chance we could get Durge?
He is a bounty hunter from Star Wars Legends, and is extremely powerful. (within the star wars universe.) I can think of a few fights that could be very interesting. Just a thought.
I would like to suggest the Shredder from tmnt. If you agree i would appreciate any up votes. Thank you.
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Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could upvote these characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra:
- Amon
- Appa
- Asami Sato
- Avater Korra
- Avatar Kuruk
- Avatar Kyoshi
- Avatar Roku
- Avatar Wan
- Avatar Yangchen
- Azula
- Bolin
- Dark Avatar
- Fire Lord Ozai
- Fire Lord Sozin
- Ghazan
- Iroh
- King Bumi
- Kuvira
- Lin Beifong
- Mai
- Mako
- Ming-Hua
- P'Li
- Sokka
- Suki
- Suyin Beifong
- Tenzin
- Toph Beifong
- Ty Lee
- Unalaq
- Zaheer
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And while you're at it, could you please upvote Justice Buster Bruce Wayne and Hulk Buster Tony Stark?
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Would you guys upvote these characters?
- Divine Spawn (the most powerful form of Spawn)
- Galacta (the daughter of Galactus)
- God Emperor Doom
- Hell King Spawn
- Omega Spawn
- Red Lantern (Supergirl when she was a Red Lantern)
- Satele Shan (ancient Jedi Master and leader of the Jedi Order)
- The Exile (powerful ancient Jedi)
- The Hard-to-Destroy Reptile (one of the most powerful beings in all of fiction)
If you want me to give you further explanation as to why these characters should be in the database, just ask.
How about these characters? Can we please get some upvotes?
Senator Armstrong
Dr. Mario
Gordon Freeman
Little Mac
Fox McCloud
1+ years member.
Is there any difference between normal Mario and Doctor Mario?
What about these guys?
Senator Armstrong
Dr. Mario
Gordon Freeman
Little Mac
Fox McCloud
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If yall could, would yall please up vote Unworthy Thor? He is the current version of Thor and needs to be in the database
2+ years member.
Thank yall for up voting Unworthy Thor. Thanks to yall, he will be in the database soon
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Could you guys upvote the RWBY character Ruby (Ruby Rose)? The other members of her team in the show (Yang and Weiss) are already in the database and their final team member (Blake) has already been upvoted and will be added the next time @Galactus adds more new characters. I ask you to upvote her simply for completion's sake.
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Marque of Death one of Marvel's little known extremely powerful beings. As far as I know he has 1 appearance but what he was able to do is crazy powerful.
2+ years member.
If yall could up vote Neji from the Naruto/Naruto Shippuden series, that would be great. One of the fastest characters in Naruto in terms of combat speed. Thanks
2+ years member.
I just wanted to tell everyone who up voted Neji, thank you. Yall did it again. Neji will now be in the database very soon because of your help. Again, thank you
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about new star wars character, I only know star war movie character and because i don't consider some character like uncle Ben as hero. it's up to other user to vote them
I recommend adding 2 or 3 character per week because when you open Add a character page and see such long list, you give up voting and close the tab
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some of added character from Godzilla or transformers or Nintendo universe only appeared once or don't have any superhero Specifications. I wait for other user for vote them but there isn't enough voting user. actually I add 3 marvel and dc character 3 months ago and still didn't get enough vote.
1+ years member.
I said it before if i search every character you add in other databases and when i vote for them, they immediately approved or disapproved.
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I just wanted to thank everyone who up voted Shikamaru. He is already in the database in less than a week! Great job guys. If any of you need me to up vote a character, please ask, Ill gladly do so
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If you guys wouldn't mind upvoting them, I added the Star Wars: The Old Republic characters: The Hero of Tython, Darth Nox, The Emperor's Wrath, The Barsen'thor, Darth Jadus, Darth Thanaton, Satele Shan, Darth Acina and Darth Marr.
2+ years member.
Great suggestions
1+ years member.
@SirSpidey Please read the 1st half of what I said; I need to know. Ready to vote, but don't like voting blindly.
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Please up vote Shikamaru using the link above. Shikamaru is my favorite character from the Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden series. After all, he is smarter than Batman himself
1+ years member.
I have no problem voting for him, but never heard of him. What are some specifics on him; what powers does he have and/or what makes him such a great superhero or villain?
I wish the moderators had allowed you to add a brief statement about the character(BRIEF--EBAY REVIEW OR TWITTER STYLE) that you were trying to add. This clears up any confusion; sometimes, people don't know a character or ,even, there are multiple characters with the same exact name from the same exact company(Hydron, etc.) I think this CONFUSION caused characters like the "PLANETEERS" OR DUKE NUKEM(THE PLANETEERS' NUMBER 2 VILLAIN WHO ABSORBS AND FIRES RADIATION AND BEHIND ONLY CAPTAIN POLLUTION). Also, this CONFUSION seemed to keep characters like SUPERMAN BLUE, LUMINUS, REPTIL, METEOR MAN, STRYKER(MK), AND I ONCE PUT UP CAPTAIN AMERICA(SAM WILSON) multiple times and there have been others, but was rejected only to see him added when someone else listed him. You wouldn't have to "campaign" so much for your characters so that the CONFUSION goes away.
I asked about the simple format change, but was told flat out that no changes would be made to the current new add characters page structure. It would really clear things up. SORRY, I HAD TO ASK.
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+ Intelligence: 100 - At the age of 12 he scored a 200 on the IQ exam without even trying. His IQ is 8 or more points higher than Batmans IQ. He has never been beaten in a chess match. He has also outsmarted possibly everyone he has come across
+ Strength: 40
+ Speed: 70
+ Durability: 70
+ Power: 100 - Shikamarus signature Jutsu is Shadow possession. Which means if his shadow touches yours, he has free reign to do anything he wants with you because he has possession over you. So, if you have a shadow you are basically done for from the biggining of the fight
+ Combat: 100 - He has trained basically his whole life in arts of combat and his tactical analysis is second to none
That is Shikamaru. If you want me to be more specific, just ask. I will gladly do so