Lower the User Class

Created by IamMoonKnight, 1 y 1 mo 12 d ago.

I would like to see if we could make it inferior. The user class makes you have like 17.8 million points. I wish we could go back the old way where it's much harder to make classes rise. It would be more fun if we could do it that way.


Jakcj 1 y 1 mo 11 d
Lower the User Class
42 months member
I agree with this forum.
Galactus 1 y 1 mo 12 d
Lower the User Class
8+ year member
It's still in beta, sort of. Nothing is final yet. It doesn't have my highest priority either.
So, see it as a fun bonus thing, don't take it too serious.
DarkProdigy 1 y 1 mo 12 d
Lower the User Class
48 months member
Users get a boost depending on their role, for normal users, it is generally very hard to raise your class. (Or to get to the same class as people on the tier above at least)