('Imm gonna copy strike this guy")
Who is your least favorite?">

least favorite user on the site?

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(Joins website)
(Goes to forums)
(sees "Favorite user on this site)
('Imm gonna copy strike this guy")
Who is your least favorite?


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Closed. We're not doing this again.
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I don't know. I have a pretty good relationship with everybody so no specific user I dislike.
Me to for the most part
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I think @Thenemianlion is one of the better users.
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Aww, thanks Plasmatic!

@Dark_wing You don't like me? 😟
Why is my comment blurred?
@Nemian I don't hate anyone on this site so I chose at random and I am not the biggest fan of the way you debate
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Ah. Nemian is a good debater and a nice person (as long as you don't hate on Hulk) but I dislike aggressive debating in general. It shows off a bad attitude and the fact that you don't want friends.
I made a joke about hulk and let's not talk about it can someone tell my why my comment is blurred
Who doesn't want friends
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I really don't understand why you don't like me, dude? What don't you like about my debating style? The way I provide a factual basis for every claim I make? I don't debate to make friends, I'm an MC, I'm cold.
@Nemianlion no problem! 😀
I do not hate you @neiman but you are a little biased towards Hulk and can someone please un report my comment I just said my opinion nothing more nothing less
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There are a lot of biased souls on this website @Dark_wing. (whispers) - it's called being human. But yes, some people are ridiculously biased.
And another Reason I chose @Nemian is because he made not one but two forums on why he should be herold
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Both of those were very obviously me making a joke about how everyone was over reacting about the Herald thing.
He's disrespectful, insults on a constant basis, has zero knowledge on comics, yet he claims to be a top guy.

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@Darkwing he is annoying and rude / disrespectful and that is why
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@Dark_wing Read my profile and you'll have a good idea.
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You hate yourself the most? damb...

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