im goin to give ultimatevenom acoount to someone else with the name mattew

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if you miss me thanks i m gonna stop whit this website


@Galactus when are you banning @Jongonsoden and @UltimateVenom
Cause these four accounts have been cursing at people I personally assent one of these people
But some were
@Heep and @Hawkinz
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Jongensoden is already banned. Haven't seen Heep doing anything weird, personally. Will keep an eye out for @UltimateVenom and @Hawkinz.
No @Heep and @Hawkinz aren't doing anything
@UltimateVenom are assaulting them
10+ years member.
Ok, I misunderstood. Ultimatevenom is either Jongensoden or Venom.
Ok Thanks
And I know this isn't the right place to ask
But why did you take renaming off the Ocs?
10+ years member.
Two reasons: I gave everyone over a week to rename copyrighted characters, after that I was going to rename them. Second; It's going to be confusing when a character gets renamed when battles already have been created. etc.
haha matteww here
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if anyone want to saye bye sai it then im not going away but jongensoden is
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1+ years member.
Written by you :
"jongensoden is goin to give his ultimatevenom account to someone els but dont worry he as an acount whit the brnt"
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@TheNemianLion One of the annoying people go, another takes it's place. Trust me I know this "Matthew" kid kept friend requesting me on discord non-stop
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Let's get ready for some more entertainment.
mattew is here prodigy send me a frienshiprequest on discord
1+ years member.
We're gonna miss you so much!
thanks about 1 minute mattew got the account
1+ years member.
its ok im back lol

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