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Okay you're probably looking at my profile and saying "hey DarkWing you're already an editor" I know but their is a user named @Jongensoden who wants to be an editor and I'm making this for him
@galactus please don't close this forum okay 😉


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@jongensoden, you can only update characters on the update list,
I would probably get about
25 characters done a day, I'm not being sarcastic or sugar coating it,
When @Galactus recruits mod's and editor's
This year I hope I make the cut, I'm best with
(dc characters), I see a lot on the update list but hardly any characters are getting updated,
@darkwing he's doing pretty good, but he could use some help. (Ps) @jongensoden don't copy this
(Thank you)
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i always ask soratoumiga to update she directly updates
If you guys ever need help editing characters, I'm great with dc characters so if you need help I'm here.
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1 Why cant i Be A Editor.
2 I will Everyday Update Some Charachters.
3 Im One Of The 6 Users Who Knows Something About Ninjago
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Now you're just randomly adding caps, that's not how it works. 😉
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1 Why cant i be a editor.
2 I will everyday update some charachters.
3 Im one of The 6 users who knows something about Ninjago
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4 I will do everything to be a editor.

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