How do i find Battles?

Starter: Yolohan

Category: Battles

Im new here and I create a Team Battle but i can't find that battle so... how can i find my battles?


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@Yolohan, if you want to find your battle again you'll have to recreate it or on the home screen under where the recently voted on battles are there should be 3 dots at the bottom, click on that and go through all the pages until you find the one you voted on that's all you can really do at this point. But for future reference next time you make a battle that you like or that you want to come back to, right above the character pictures on the left there should be a bar and on it should be a little button with a heart on it, click that and it'll appear green after, that means that you favorited it and it should show up on your profile page under favorite battles, hope this helps.
Thanks for help.