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just a question, how old are you all? andd be honest, if your not then you realize your probably too young to be on computers
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plus imma be 16 in october
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Double Kill!!!
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When you realise Spidey has beaten Sora and Tracer every time they've ever debated... XD
Even better, when you realise I'm the only person on this website to legitimately beat Spidey... XD
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Oh sweet MOD status back!
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Also, seriously, get off my boyfriend's behind Sora and Tracer, you know Spidey's my turf!
He can only beat us in his dreams.
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@TheNemianLion: Yeah, ONCE. That was when I first started debating so I'm not counting it
I just destroyed him casually on Discord.
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Lol, based in what evidence. And I don't debate on Discord. I use that to destroy everything you care about on life
You don't debate on Discord? Lol, then what the hell were you doing 5 minutes ago? Just... stahp, please. I decimated you, if you want me to send scans of the chat, I will gladly do that.
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Please do. If you call that a "debate" then you most likely have never had an actual debate in your entire life meaning your opinion, as that is all it is, does not matter
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Send scans of actual debates, like the time I destroyed you in the Rune King Thor vs Living Tribunal battle where you completely rage quit
First of all, I destroyed you in LT v. RKT battle, as did everyone who is sane, which means everyone who voted for Living Tribunal.
Second of all,




it was so funny to watch you sweat after I sent these.
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Pretty sure everyone quits that battle because you refuse to accept that your reason arn't fact. And everything to be said has been said, and you still cannot prove, using the comics, that TWSAITS are Beyonders, beside a similar STATEMENT. Everything that is to be said has been said, and unless we get more information, or you become slightly more open minded that debate will go no where.
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@soratoumiga: Lol, is that why you decided you couldn't continue the debate in risk of your career being further burned to ashes? If people were sane, they would vote for Rune King Thor because Rune King Thor defeated five Beyonders, the same race of beings who, only THREE strong, killed the Living Tribunal. Rune King Thor = One Above All > Beyonders > Living Tribunal. Too bad your scans don't work so there is nothing to even sweat over. Do you know what would help that problem? GIVING ME THE DAMN COMIC
Not my fault your phone/computer sucks. The scans work for him
One-Above-All > PR Beyonder > Living Tribunal > First Firmament > Nemesis > Multi-Eternity > The Infinites > Mad Jim Jaspers = HOM Scarlet Witch > Trigon > Celestials > Elder Gods >= Rune King Thor > Those Who Sit Above In The Shadow
Thor defeated beings who are not even Celestial level, don't talk nonsense.
Work for me*
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@ElectroSpino: Oh, I can accept my reasons not being fact, but only when they get proven wrong using facts, of which NO ONE has done as of yet. How have I not proved that Those Who Sit Above In Shadow are Beyonders by using the comic? Shall I prove it again for you for the hundredth time? My evidence is not a "similar" statement. My evidence is not only that they were actually said to be Beyonders, but also that they repeated, VERBATIM, what the Beyonder said in his very first appearance confirming the suspicion that they truly are Beyonders. So try again. We have all the information we need. You just have to be open minded enough to accept the facts and move on, even if it goes against everything you have thought in the past. It is better to accept the facts than to live in denial
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- All three of your scans are one entire link, so if you can't provide any evidence, don't blame other people's electronic device, blame your own d***ed self

- Based on which comics? Unlike you, I can actually prove my scaling fact using the comics

- So I guess you think comics are nonsense?
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Just throwing this out there, but there is a glitch with the website ATM where it changes multiple links into either the same link (always the first one), or puts all the links as one. you have to copy/paste the link as of now. I hope @Galactus can fix this soon.
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That logic is so flawed Spidey, that's like saying I crashed my car when I just started driving, but I'm not going to count that, because that was at the start, and I only started REALLY debating then as well, in fact, you had MORE experience than I had so missed me with that, not to mention, I BEAT YOU WITH SCANS!
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I am fully aware. Am I not the one who first mentioned you beating me with just scans? Yes, it is true that you "beat" me when I wasn't even a debater, but I have grown through the years to the point to where I am well past those of you who were better than me in the past
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Dude, I wasn't a debater either, so you can't use that argument, I've grown exponentially too, so, that argument still doesn't really hold.
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You talkin about that one thing that happened?
We just had a thing on Discord. About 5 of us went against him.
We destroyed him btw.
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Lol, how can you say you "destroyed" me whenever I never got the chance to respond? Look at them now. They aren't even responding to this because they know I will decimate them, as I have always done in the past
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They think if they can just team up against me, maybe they will have a chance of beating me. B****, you are wrong
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Nah, it's cause you already cucked down.
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What does that even mean?
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@Soratoumiga, I'm not on the Discord, so I can't say what exactly happened, but if it took FIVE of you guys to prove him wrong, not saying you did, I was not there so I don't know what happened like I said, but let's assume you did hypothetically, that is not impressive, and makes you look bad. Nothing personal, but the simple fact of the matter is that FIVE people all responding at the same time against one person, is what we call a "mob mentality" where one person does it and everyone else joins in, which boosts the confidence of everyone involved in it, so the fact alone that it took five of you, which means none of you were capable enough to do it on your own, to reiterate I personally have no idea what happened but if what you said is true @Soratoumiga, then that makes you look bad. It's essentially a *********, which is generally frowned upon by most.
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Actually, 5 people went against him saying that Thor isn't the most powerful character. I was involved in it, and I didn't exactly get into a fight, but everyone actually said times Thor lost and most gave evidence, so it wasn't exactly bad. @SirSpidey is just slightly ticked off.
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It was slightly more civil than it sounds, it wasn't like a spam fest mainly just people throwing in evidence, or debunking evidence. Most of what the 'mob side' said was pretty much the same thing, just we all had more delayed responses. @SirSpidey I just don't think is used to the sheer amount of people calling him wrong all at once. It wasn't a pute hatefest on him either, we even constantally debated amongst ourselves. If you look at the actual messages it wasn't that bad as it sounds.
I'm not trying to be rude, but why are you getting involved if you weren't there? He was starting to talk about Thor beating Death, and as every normal person who reads comics, I and couple of others, obviously denied that. And, no there were not 5 people at the time he and I debated. It was just me and him, others were just watching, and as always, I sent him scans which he denied, because they prove Scarlet Witch being above Thor in power.
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@Sora, you weren't being rude, that is a fair question to ask, yes I wasn't there, so my statement doesn't mean much of anything. I'm just trying to look at it from both sides of the equation and give my take on it. And you have to play devil's advocate sometimes to see the full picture of it, and just about anyone would feel overwhelmed with having to reply to multiple comments by multiple people at the same time, just to be hit with more, I mean, how would you feel if 5 people were telling you that you are wrong and you having to reply to everyone at once just to have to reply to someone else right after, even if they weren't intentionally doing it to spam, just under the circumstance it would appear so regardless of if is was or not. @ElectroSpino, I'm sure it wasn't a hate fest, it was a pretty strong word to use I just couldn't think of a better word to use, but still it's a lot easier to go back and forth with one person than it is to multiple people at the same time, regardless of the intent or way it was done. Thor is not stronger than Death, but In my personal opinion I think Thor is stronger than Wanda.
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Wow, Discord s filled with a bunch of p***! Only one of them is willing to actually debate me
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It is a lot easier to gang up on one person with 20 other f*** boys, isn't it?
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Anyways, as I was saying before I got so rudely interrupted, Thor beats the the Justice League
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Ignoring the fact that Thor got his ass handed to him by people like Black Bolt, Justice League has 7 members capable of defeating Thor.
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In which comic has the Black Bolt defeated Thor? Which seven members of the Justice League can defeat Thor
What If #4
Doctor Fate
Martian Manhunter
Phantom Stranger
Jim Corrigan (Spectre)
Swamp Thing
Superman (maybe)
Captain Atom
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That is not canon. Come on. For someone who claims he knows so much about comics, you should know that 'What if' comics are not canon
- Doctor Fate: In which comic has Doctor Fate defeated someone as powerful as Death
- Martian Manhunter: Thor is immune to all of his attacks. Thor can also just create fire and defeat Martian Manhunter that way
- Zatanna - In which comic has she defeated someone as powerful as Death?
- Phantom Stranger: He is not a member of the Justice League
- Spectre (Jim Corrigan): He is not a member of the Justice League
- Swamp Thing: In which comic has he defeated someone as powerful as Death?
- Superman: In which comic has he defeated someone as powerful as Death?
- Captain Atom: The equivalent of Silver Surfer of which Thor has beaten every time they have fought
Nevertheless, it shows us what writers think about their battle.
Ignoring the fact that Thor never defeated Death;
- Doctor Fate - I really don't think I need to explain this. He has power, knowledge and wisdom of Nabu, a 10 billion year old being who has fought Spectre. He also has nigh-unlimited control over matter, space, reality and even concepts.
- Manhunter - I didn't say it would be easy for him, but Superman fears Manhunter, and Superman is already comparable to Thor.
- Zatanna - Seven Soldiers: Zatanna
- Phantom Stranger - Technically, he is.
- Spectre - Technically, he is.
- Swamp Thing - With The Green, Swamp Thing is 4th dimensional, meaning he is at least equal, if not stronger than Death.
- Superman - PC Superman has universal+ feats, Thor doesn't, unless he's in OKT/RKT form.
- Captain Atom - Captain Atom dwarfs Silver Surfer, and has defeated three Supermans at once.
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Nevertheless, it is not canon. So we cannot use non-canon comics to debate canon characters
Yeah, just ignore the comics, as you always do
- Doctor Fate: That is not a comic. I don't care for your opinions
- Martian Manhunter: In which comic has Superman defeated a being as powerful as Death?
- Zatanna: That is not canon
- Phantom Stranger: In which comics has he consistently been a member of the Justice League?
- Spectre: In which comics has he consistently been a member of the Justice League?
- Swamp Thing: I could care less about your opinion. Give me the comic
- Superman: Post Crisis Superman is not canon, try again
- Captain Atom, that is not impressive. Superman is one of the weakest superheroes
- Doctor Fate: In which comic did Thor fought Spectre? In which comic did Thor turned metahumans into ash? In which comic did Thor destroy a Multiverse?
- Martian Manhunter - In which comic did Thor destroy someone as powerful as Superman? In which comic did Thor stalemate Darkseid?
- Zatanna: In which comic did Thor kill the Time Shaper?
- Phantom Stranger - Justice League of America #103
- Spectre - Justice League of America #83
- Swamo Thing - In which comic did Thor destroy a Multiverse?
- Superman - In which comic did Thor survive the Big Bang?
- Captain Atom - Superman is one of the strongest heroes, I don't know what the hell are you talking about.
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- Doctor Fate: Answer my question first and then will I answer yours
- Martian Manhunter: Answer my question first and then will I answer yours
- Zatanna: I don't even know who the Time Shaper is and he probably isn't even in Marvel so how could Thor defeat him?
- Phantom Stranger: That comic is not canon
- Spectre: That comic is not canon
- Swamp Thing: Answer my question first and then will I answer yours
- Superman: Answer my question first and then will I answer yours
- Captain Atom: Superman isn't even Planetary in power level
No one here has defeated anyone near Death, including Thor. Spectre and Phantom Stranger, however, are multiversal threats, which is above Death. Swamp Thing, with the Green is also multiversal. So, tree of them are above Thor.
- Zatanna: She defeated a Time Tailor, which are basically characters who can shape matter and time to their will on a universal scale, and she defeated them. She's universal+.
- Spectre & Phantom Stranger: What the hell are you talking about? Both of the issues I sent are canon.
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Yes, Thor defeated Death in Thor Volume 2 #25. He also defeated Galactus in Thor Volume 1 #161. He also defeated an Odin Force empowered Majeston Zelia in Thor Volume 2 #12. He also defeated Glory in Chaos War: Thor #1. The list goes on and on @soratoumiga. It is just up to you to accept the facts. In which comics have the Phantom Stranger, the Spectre, and Swamp Thing destroyed a Multiverse?

- Zatanna: In which comic?

- Phantom Stranger/Spectre: No, what the f*** are YOU talking about? Those were written decades ago, which means, because it is DC, they are not canon. They DO NOT follow the mainstream DC comic book continuity
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There are two DC versions (I mean mean more than two, but these are the two most broad sections). Pre COIE and Post COIE. If we're doing composite (which Sora usually debates), than it is canon. Either way it is canon to something, there isn't just a point in DC where we stop counting feats...
Phantom Stranger and Spectre are uneffected by reboots anyway.
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Oh right that's true...IDK about Phantom Stranger, but there is only one Spectre being so he's not affected by COIE
Exactly, and Phantom Stranger has been described as equal to Spectre, and he knows about the existence of the Endless, he is probably uneffected too.
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@Sora, I have already explained to you that Stranger is weaker than Specter. Their tie cannot be used because, like I said, The Presence was simply used as a plot devise to continue the story and so the writer could find away to continue to the story so their fight was INCONCLUSIVE, meaning it never reached a conclusion so it doesn't count for anything, the only thing said was that their ROLES equal each other out, that has NOTHING to do with attack power or how strong they are, quit trying to paint that narrative, and when something like that happens you go based off of their other feats and all of Specter's feats eclipses ANYTHING Stranger has ever done (one of those feats being destroying Stranger in a fight, oh and turning him into a mouse) so Specter is superior to Stranger based of FEATS which is superior to any misinterpreted statement/ personal opinion, you can't argue againsts FACTS, Stranger is NOT equal to Specter.
@Soul, I already agreed with you on that; based on feats, Spectre is stronger, however, I take everything into account.
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Oh, sorry.
It's ok. 😀
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Hey, @SirSpidey's three most hated people in the world are on at the same time, lol.
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Who are they?
Lol. I don't know about you, but I am SirSpidey's best friend from this website.
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@AkhilPDX, you, @Sora (he's secret best friend), and before he left @Spino.
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Why me?
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I'm here, but I usually don't really comment anymore....mainly on the discord now...
Shh, it is supposed to be a secret. Damn it!
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It's not your fault, you are just guilty by association, you three are always budding heads with him.
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Well, Rune King Thor isn't close to the Living Tribunal in ANYTHING aside from combat skill.
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I'm working on it
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How far are you?
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Does it matter?
How do I report someone twice?
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You have two different accounts
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ThAtS unEtHiCaL
Yep. @ElectroSpino is my second account. @AkhilPDX is my third account. Actually, @SirSpidey, you're one of my accounts, you just don't know it yet.
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Yeah, it is highly likely
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Lol, isn't @LordTracer and @ManofPower your 5th and 6th accounts?
Everyone on this website is actually me.
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Actually, I'm a cosmic abstract born from Dormammu's Dark Dimension splooge.
Me too! Dormammu is my uncle though. He's sweeter than you think.
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What's a splooge?
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P**** boys, come and get it