who do you think knows the most about comics

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DC- @wolfdragon123
Star Wars - @LordTracer
Thor- @SirSpidey
LOTR- @Percival
Marvel- @Amirvel
😁 😁
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Anime- @IMBATMAN42
Marvel/DC - @remy94 @SidebarTwist
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@TheSuspect666 Thanks man 😀 I appreciate that.
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Dc- 1.wolfdragon 2. Remy
Marvel- 1. SirSpidey 2. Me (I know I only show my knowledge about sentry but that only because he is my favorite character and he is pretty much all I have to debate about here but I know a LOT about marvel in general, I wrote most of the marvel entries in the Hebrew Wikipedia)
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And anime- iambatman
Thor- SirSpidey of course
Hulk thenemianlion
Star wars- LordTracer
Lotr- thesuspect
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I know a lot about Red Hood.
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No offence but I think @Justice17 might have you beat, he seems to know a lot about him.
Dc - Lordtracer
Marvel - SirSpideh
Varosverse - ManofPower lol
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If we're going by this format
Nemian - Hulk and mixture
SirSpidey - Thor and Marvel
Swarm - Both Marvel/DC and anything Spider-Man related obviously lol
LordTracer - Green Lantern and Star Wars
Galactus - He knows ALL
IMABATMAN - Anime all the way
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Amirvel - Sentry
Remy - Darkseid/Anti-Monitor
Sidebar - Green Lantern & DC
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Thanks😉 I'll add x-23 to myself if I may
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😂 Appreciate it man.
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• Thor: @SirSpidey
• Hulk: @TheNemianLion
• Luke Skywalker: @LordTracer
• Superman: @remy94 / @Spectre94
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• Anime: @IMABATMAN42
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I'm sure a lot of you know more about comics than I do.
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I would love to see your knowledge of comics @Galactus you should debate more.
Marvel - @SirSpideY
Dc - @LordTracer
Star Wars - @LordTracer
Anime - @IMABATMAN42
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Marvel - @TheNemianLion
DC - @TheNemianLion
Star Wars - @TheNemianLion
Anime - @TheNemianLion
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Depends, SirSpidey knows the most about Marvel, but barely anything about DC, while I am pretty well versed in both, so I'm going to say myself.
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Thats kinda arrogant, but thats your opinion and I am not going to argue with someones opinion.
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How is it arrogant to believe yourself to have more knowledge than anyone else? If it's a statement that is true, it's not arrogant, it's just stating what is.
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To be fair, I no a little bit about DC, mainly Darkseid War. I just don't really care to learn anymore about them
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Probably wolfdragon.
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Thanks Sidebar
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No problem, you just seem to have the most experience with comics.

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