Florence Jones


Flamer's History

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Varosverse Comics

First appearance

The Ice Age Chronicles #1 (May 2014)

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In-story information

Alter ego

Franklin Martyn “Florence” Jones


Human Cosmic Mutate

Team affiliations

The Bounty Force

Alpha Zero

Notable aliases

Pyro , Flame , Apollo , Double F


Early life

Growing up in Tampa,Florida Franky Florence lost his mother due to a car accident from which his father, Doctor Jason Florence, escaped unharmed. Jason Florence spiraled into alcoholism , Drugs and financial ruin, and was imprisoned after killing a drug dealer in self-defense. Frank was then raised by his older brother, Martin Florence.

At 16, Florence joined his brother and his fiancée, Ivana Gamon, in a space flight in which cosmic radiation transformed those three and spacecraft pilot Nathan Snow into superpowered beings who would become the founders of the superhero team The Bounty Force . Franklin, with the ability to become a flaming human with the power of flight and the ability to project fire, dubs himself Flamer in tribute to his father's football nickname

Though a member of a world-famous team, Florence still lived primarily in Tampa and attended Tampa Bay High School. Here he thought he maintained a secret identity, although his fellow townsfolk were well aware of his being a member of the bounty force and simply humored him. This series introduced what would become the recurring Bounty Force foes Forieus and Warhead In Franklin's home life, Lawrence Kharmichael, a member of the high-school wrestling squad, bullied Florence until an accidental flare-up of the Flamer’s powers scarred Lawrence’s face. Franky dated fellow student Jessie Wade, although she eventually grew tired of his constant disappearances and broke off their relationship.


After graduating high school, Florence enrolled at Tallahassee College. There he befriended his roommate Jason Frese Around this time, Franky met and fell in love with Zoe , a member of the superpowered race Avatars. After their relationship ended, Zoe returned to her native city of Rome and eventually married the superhero Lightspeed, Florence, crushed, attempted to move on, finding that his high-school girlfriend, Jessie Wade, had married and had three children.. Franky dropped out of college but remained friends with Jason, who often participated in the Bounty Force adventures.

Storm briefly joined the Alpha Zero team, where he battled his otherdimensional counterpart, Pyron (formerly Sol).

Outside career and anti-registration movement

Seeking an acting career, Franky was cast as the Futuristic hero The X-Robonator, but producers reconsidered and gave the role to Jackson Blade After working mostly in some television shows, Franky also spent some time as a firefighter at the behest of his former classmate, Lawrence Kharmichael but when Lawrence moved away after his wife turned out to be a psychopathic arsonist and seemingly died, Florence left the job. He later returned to the profession during a period when the Bounty Force was short on cash. Frustrated with his brother's directionless life and near-disastrous pranksterism, his brother compelled him to become CEO of Blazarian Tech

After a major battle with the supervillain Hyperthrust, Florence took to fixing cars for a living. Over the Internet, Storm meets a young woman, Jasmine , whom he learns is the daughter of one of the Bounty Force oldest enemies, the Warhead ; after a confrontation with that supervillain, who escaped with Jasmine, Florence remained hopeful of meeting her again. For a time, Franky became the partner of the powerful cosmic being Keystone, becoming the Cosmic Flame