Favorite Female Superhero

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ForJustice1324 8 mo 25 d
Favorite Female Superhero
22 months member
Wonder Woman, Storm, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and Batgirl
Favorite Female Superhero
28 months member
Wonder Woman and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)
ThorMathews 9 mo 9 d
Favorite Female Superhero
23 months member
Wonder Woman, Storm, Sif, Valkyrie, and Classic She-Hulk
aajayunlimited 9 mo 9 d
Favorite Female Superhero
45 months member
Storm, as she is so relevant to real life issues:
Drought control

Storm control

Desert population(make it livable there)

Invaluable war aid(a nasty storm would break up any battle[particularly a hail storm] and she doesn't need a Storm to use her powers, so she's more accurate than a storm. Lightning for tanks).

Policing(Wind and ice for criminals/moving vehicles. Hail for gang/mob activity. Lightning to open armored vehicles).

Plants and animals would never thrive more, so the world could be a healthier place to live. People could build farms almost everywhere.

Space rock diversion: powerful enough wind could divert anything like that--with enough time, of course.

Grid applications: If the grid ever went down, then someone would know how to use her to buy enough time to create underground wells. But also, she wouldn't really need that effect, because she could keep water coming in into reservoirs.

Put out major fires. 

A typhoon, blizzard, or hurricane could slow down a supereruption like Yellowstone.

Diplomacy: She'd need people to cover her--because she's human--but everyone from the citizens to the disenfranchised to reformed gangs to whole nations would join her for the greater good. Who wouldn't want to work for a peaceful superhero?

See how relevant she'd be today.

2. Emma Frost(powerful mind control/short circuiting, illusions, telekinesis, and a compact diamond form means she could also be very hard to hurt).

3. A woman Green Lantern(isn't Jade an example). Like the Lantern's effects.
RajinKabir 9 mo 9 d
Favorite Female Superhero
12 months member
Wonder Woman.
Scarlet Witch.
Favorite Female Superhero
16 months member
Scarlet Witch.
Mr_Incognito 9 mo 9 d
Favorite Female Superhero
18 months member
Lapis_Lazuli 9 mo 9 d
Favorite Female Superhero
15 months member
Scarlet Witch, Raven, Shadowcat
Michealdem17 9 mo 10 d
Favorite Female Superhero
13 months member
Wonder woman
ThomasMHxDeaf 9 mo 10 d
Favorite Female Superhero
10 months member
My favorite/like Batgirl and Supergirl.

I watching dc super hero girls.
Jongensoden 9 mo 10 d
Favorite Female Superhero
44 months member
Scarlet witch Supergirl Batgirl