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Name Publisher Added Updated
Lin Tong Lin Tong1 mo 28 d Never
Meng Qing Meng Qing3 mo 15 d Never
Lin Feng Lin Feng3 mo 15 d Never
Liu Yi Liu Yi3 mo 15 d Never
Ye Tianxie Ye Tianxie3 mo 17 d Never
Moiraine Moiraine Damodred4 mo 6 d Never
Shangguan Tianyou Shangguan Tianyou4 mo 11 d Never
Qi Yue Qi Yue4 mo 11 d Never
Jarlaxle4 mo 16 d Never
Storm Silverhand4 mo 17 d Never
Tuon Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag4 mo 17 d Never
Rand Al'Thor Rand Al'Thor4 mo 18 d Never
Perrin Aybara Perrin Aybara4 mo 18 d Never
Wulfgar Wulfgar4 mo 22 d 4 mo 16 d
Qi Xing Qi Xing4 mo 22 d Never
Mat Cauthon Matrim Cauthon4 mo 22 d Never
Eggy4 mo 22 d Never
Chu Xuanyuan Chu Xuanyuan4 mo 22 d Never
Ferra/Torr Ferra & Torr4 mo 22 d Never
Chrysaor ChrysaorRick Riordan4 mo 22 d Never
Tanya Tanya4 mo 23 d Never
Du Lingfei Du Lingfei4 mo 27 d Never
Ling Chen Ling Chen4 mo 28 d 2 mo 29 d
Aviendha Aviendha4 mo 29 d 4 mo 29 d
Lan Mandragoran Al'Lan Mandragoran4 mo 29 d 4 mo 29 d
Katarina Katarina Du CouteauRiot Games4 mo 29 d 4 mo 25 d
MKW Mai Kitsune Waifu5 mo 1 d Never
Leo Bonhart Leo Bonhart5 mo 2 d 4 mo 30 d
Ghostfang5 mo 2 d Never
Eve Fey Sharon Kapalia5 mo 2 d 5 mo 1 d
MGA Martial God Asura5 mo 2 d Never
King Obould Obould Many Arrows5 mo 2 d 4 mo 30 d
Thorn Thorn5 mo 2 d Never
Shruikan Shruikan5 mo 2 d Never
Saphira Saphira5 mo 2 d Never
Roran Stronghammer Roran5 mo 2 d 4 mo 30 d
Murtagh5 mo 2 d Never
King Galbatorix Galbatorix5 mo 2 d Never
Eragon Shadeslayer Eragon Bromsson5 mo 2 d Never
Elminster Elminster Aumar5 mo 2 d Never
EDATH Online Game: Evil Dragon Against The Heaven5 mo 2 d Never
Drizzt Do'urden Drizzt Do'urden5 mo 2 d 5 mo 1 d
Chu Feng Chu Feng5 mo 2 d 2 mo 29 d
Bruenor Battlehammer Bruenor Battlehammer5 mo 2 d 4 mo 30 d
Arya Shadeslayer Arya5 mo 2 d 5 mo 1 d
Artemis Entreri5 mo 2 d 5 mo 1 d
Betadron BetadronSega5 mo 2 d Never
Eragonverse ─░nheritance Cycle5 mo 4 d Never
WoT Wheel of Time5 mo 7 d Never
SW Shura's Wrath5 mo 7 d Never
A-Qing A-Qing5 mo 9 d 4 mo 30 d