Do all of screwattacks Death Battles take place in the same universe

Created by Dark_Wing, 2 y 9 mo 19 d ago.

The evidence
The city where Godzilla and Gamera fought looked kind of like where hulk and doomsday had their fight it's also where Deadpool and Deathstroke had their epic duel and where Ironman took on lex Luther
The beech where Roshi and I can't remember who else. fought looked kind of like the Ocean where Namor and Aquaman had their Duel
The Forest where Yoshi took on the riptor looked just like where Silver Samurai and Shredder fought
And finally Doctor strange and Doctor Fate were warping through universes and we saw an ester egg to Cuck Norris vs the dude from Sega
Is this a conspiracy or am I just insane


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